Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag about my school it's mostly about how great my teachers are. My biology 202 teacher is one of the best in my book. She makes information fun to learn. Her techniques of teaching really make the information stick and makes me want to learn more even though it is extremely hard. No other school has a teacher like her.


The thing I would brag the most about my school is the class sizes and the teachers. The class size is personalized of being small to have a little one on one with the teacher, and not as much rushing to teach forty students at once. The teachers at my school are also understanding of the student due to a lot of them have gone there themselves. They are into new ideas of teaching for the students to learn, but they also make sure the material is exactly what we needed to know for that area plus more.


When talking about my college i brag the most about the teachers and the great oppunities that are offered to the students. Also, we have a great caffateria and libary filled with the rememberance of our state back in in the 1900's.


I let my friend know how helpful the staff is and how easy it is to enroll and get started.


I brag that in the Ford ASSET Program, I get eight weeks off school between my classes to get a job in the automotive field. Everyone I have told is really jelous because they have to arrange their jobs around their school.


For the same general education classes, I am saving a large amount of money rather than going to a University.


For me, the best thing about GCC was the ability to get my transferable prerequisites taken care of while still being able to work a full time day job. I'll be able to transfer these to a 4 year university and complete my degree.


I believe the thing I brag about the most is money because I save so much of it by going to Glendale Community College.


How well I'm improving on my instrument and even though I'm getting hours of just practising, the teachers still make everyday fun.