Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about GCC is that the students aren't pretentious or condecensding. The overall population is really friendly and really diverse. There isn't the pressure to be overtly social since it's a junior college and most people are done in a few years or less but everyone is nice to each other.


The classes aren't large so it's easier for you to get one on one time with the instrutor.


The thing I consider best about Glendale Community College is the calm enviroment that contains unbelievable outstnding instructors.


I would have to say that the best thing about my school is the teachers. Each teacher that I have had the privilege of learning from has made my college experience a good one. Every teacher is there to insure the quality of education their students are receiving and to better accommodate all of us for a future career. I never expected such an outstanding performance from so many teachers, but Glendale Community College has managed to astonish me!


The best things about Glendale Community College are the affordability, location, and variety of courses offered. With the economy in a downfall it is quite difficult for an incoming student to realize the full amount of how much college costs and GCC is a way for those students like myself to get started off on their college education by getting classes that you can take anywhwere for a good price as well as being able to learn life skills to continue on with you after you leave.


The best thing about my school, Glendale Community College, is the encouragement the teachers offer. The transition from high school to college is one that no student can fully prepare for. The teachers are there throughout you're journey to help with questions, problems, and even stress. They give you a sense of confidence as you begin and expect you to perform to your best ability. They will not accept anything less than your best and as a result you will be better equipt for your future.


The best thing about Glendale Community College is the instructors. Every instructor I have had thus far has been outstanding in the way the present themselves in the classroom as well as in the way the present the material day in and day out. The information is presented in a simple understandable mannor, even very boring and difficult material! If there is a topic that may be tricky to understand then all of the instructors have been more than willing to go over anything that one may feel is nessary.


The teachers in my program, because I've never seen teachers who care and love their jobs as much as they do. Just seeing that in them makes me love music even more than I did before. I listen more closely than I ever have in school before because there is not a single piece of bad advise that they give, and I don't want to miss a thing.


the best thing about my school is that it offers you assistance and guidance for each step you have to take in obtaining you goals for school and life.


The best thing about GCC is how easy they make things. Whether it is signing up for classes to rearanging your classes, GCC makes it smooth and workable. They have been around for a while, which makes them established. Or in other words, they know what they are doing. The System they have created works well when it comes to making life for the students much easier.