Goldey-Beacom College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to study harder, and to not take life so seriously. I would tell myself to enjoy my last year of high school because college is so much more different than high school. I would also tell myself to spend more time with my family because leaving home is going to be hard.


The advice I would give myself would be to look further more into tuition for college and plan ahead, being that I had little to no help with college. Neither of my parents went to college and all they knew was that its important to go. I was 19 when I went to my first college, and not knowing anything besides trying to financially stay in college and getting good grades I never paid attention to my financial aid. I could not get any aid because they claimed my parents made to much (which is false) so I took out private loans big mistake. I am in debt for life now because I had no one stiring me in the right direction and I didnt take it upon myself to do the research until it was too late. If I had known what I know now I would not have expected the Financial Aid Advisors to have my best interest at heart and I would have been prepared and known what to do rather then listening to different people who just wanted money from me.


If I could speak with him and give him some words of i would tell him the following. I would tell him to learn to study and learn the material and not study just to past the test. i would tell him to develope a love for books because it was true when they said that books empowers your mind. I would tell him to only stay up late when it is needed, because he will beg for that time back. Last but not least I would tell him not to try and relive his high school days of glory and praise but to strive to become a better man then the one standing next to him.


So far I have met some amazing people who I know will be there for me even once we have graduated college. I have learned invaluable things, not only in business, but also in fields outside of my major that I will be able to apply in the real world. I feel that having already learned what I did at Goldey Beacom, it has helped me succeed at my internship which is in the field that I am studying. Because of how well my internship has gone, I am confident that I will recieve a job offer from the company that I work for once i recieve my degree. i am also confident that even if I do not take an offer from the company I am currently with, that I will have no problem being placed in a job in either accounting or finance due directly to the fact that I will be leaving Goldey Beacom with a great education.


I have gotten the opportunity to network with fellow classmates and to gain the knowledge needed to succeed in a rewarding job when I graduate. It has been valuable to attend because each class offers something new and more education. My main goal is to broaden my knowledge so it has been very valuable to attend.


The average students attend college right after high school and graduate four year later. For me, I attended a community college and completed my associate degree two years after. Thought years, I always wanted to complete my bachelor degree and Goldey-Beacom had helped me complete that dream. Working full time, raising a family of three kids and attending school full time had made me realized that it is never too late to attend college and it could be done. In addition, it provided a good example for my kids how education is very important. There are just situations that experience cannot explain unless you have learned during college. I feel in pursing my master degree will help me accomplish my plan “A” and plan “B”. Plan “A” is to be a Procurement Specialist –IT and Plan “B” is to be a Computer teacher. Technology will continue to expand and our country will need more tech savvy personnel and teacher.


I have taken many things away from my college experience. I have learned valuable time mangement skills. Trying to balance a full time class schedule and and a full time work schedule is no easy task. I have also learned new ways to look at different situations. I have become much more open-minded and willing to try new things that I would never even thought about doing before I started college. I have learned so much about different cultures and people it is pretty much amazing. I never would have learned this stuff by not going to college. I have friends who tell me I have wasted my time, but I believe they just say that because they haven't been and don't know what they are missing out on!


It keeps me motivated. I have learned alot from the my peers and professors. Know one gets left behind everyone encourages eachother. I just want to one day be able to afford to live on campus, the dorms are beautiful.


I?m originally from Syracuse New York and moved to another state (DE) for college. I?ve been attending Goldey-Beacom College for less than a year now. So far my college experience has been breathe taking. I have met so many different people and explored many different things that I never would have thought of. The education here is astonishing. The courses I am taking are helping me with my goal of having my own children?s clinic and/or daycare center one day. The teachers and staff here are helping me learn the value of life and how to succeed. There are a lot of people in Delaware that is successful and there willingness to help me create a bright future is a very appreciated.


College has prepared me for the business world. It has given me an outline to help me mold myself into a goal driven, up to date, business person. I have been able to recognize problems and created solutions to make operations run more smoothly. Attending Goldey-Beacom College has been a very valueable experience that stays with me in my life especially at work. It has taught me how to work as a team, recognize problems and solutions, take initiative to better my job, and how to use research tools to my benefit.


I would tell myself to take basketball seriously because it's hard to afford college when you're not on a scholarship. I would tell myself to study harder, and also work harder.


When I was a high school senior, in 1998-1999, I was very immature and ignorant about college. The high school I attended did not educate the students very well on college imoportance, procedures and information. My parents wanted me to start as soon as I graduated high school. On the other hand, I wanted to work full time, put money aside and wait till I was ready. Big mistake that was. I am almost 30 years old and I am currently teaching preschool at a private school. I recently married and bought my first home. My major of study is accounting, and I have a passion for "getting more for my money." My hobbies inclube clipping coupons, finding the best deals and cutting costs where I can, and still be comfortable. In one sense,. not going to college right away has made me a better person financially, but in another sense it has put a huge burdon on my finacial well being, as well as my future savings, retirement and investments. You can't get very far in life as a preschool teacher, even though I adore and love my students very much.


Make sure the school has your major and dont talk to just the faculty. You get the best inside information from the students.


Think about what you want out of your college experience before you apply. I made the wrong choice the first time and really messed up by getting involved with the wrong people. When I finally told my parents, we sat down and I decided that I wanted to give myself a future and go to business school. You can do anything with a business degree. I love it so much that I am going to continue on to graduate school and get my masters in business. Really think before you do anything. Those 2 or 4 years give you the tools and knowledge to make your future the best it could possibly be. If you believe in yourself and know that you can put your mind to anything, then you can attend college. It's easy, trust me!


Make sure you do research on the college of your choice and that it has the major that you want. also find alot of time to relax and try not to stress so much or else it can make your college life a heck of alot harder.


My advice to anyone involved in the process of finding the college best fit for them would be to really take their time researching the colleges. Specifically, look at the location and environment first, ask yourself if you really want to move away (or stay) and how that will affect your life. Additionally, it is best to find out what the primary focus of the student body is, meaning is it a party school or a learning environment? Further, when visiting the school, look at the classroom, the size of it, and imagine yourself attending it, does it seem to fit you? Usually, the feeling you first receive is probably right. If you cannot decide then it may be a good idea to pick a school to attend only for the first two years to gain experience and to possibly lower costs if you do it right. Overall, understand the college is costly, your main objective should be to find a college that will meet your budget but obtain the highest possible satisfaction in knowledge gained and experience lived. Do not rush into a college that is not right for you without understanding its implications.


Advice I would give to parents is; ask you kids what type of learning style they would prefer and find out if they like the idea of a big school or a small school.


You have to find a school that best fits your personality.


Make sure to visit colleges more than once to make sure the experience that is first experienced is regularly experienced at the college or university you are expected to attend.


Look at many school and take the time out to talk about school.


The best advice I can think of would be to simply research everything. If the student has a career goal look at any and every option to get to that goal. The school that gives you the best route for you is the proper choice. You must absolutely visit the college and interact with students. Ask current students about their experience. Absolutely research the success of the college. I would also advise parents and students to develop relationships with your teachers and counselors at current and future schools. It?s all about networking, especially if you really want to go to a specific school. Having open communication puts you in a good position for new opportunities. For parents financial planning is tough, but definitely a major key to your child?s success in school. If you plan ahead it will definitely alleviate extra stress in the future. If you spend enough time learning about the environment that you're moving into, you can better your college experience and make it all that you wished for.


Do alot of research before you enroll at a college because it will waste time and money when you find out that you need to go to a different college for whatever reason. I started at Wesley College and I reliazed that it was not the school for me. Once, I found Goldey Beacom, I felt right at home but the down side is, I would have my masters by now, if I started at Goldey. I'm working on my masters now and I only have 12 more courses before I'm finished. I would like my PHD but my finances will not allow me to do that. Also try to work through college so you wont have to take out many student loans. Also, I'm a single parent with four children and its never too late to go to college and if I can do it, you can too! Its never too late for a higher education. People, thought I wouldnt make it through high school with four children but I did plus I refuse to be labeled a statistic! Genuinely yours, Kelle


Make sure the financial aid that is promised is given, many people are up to scam you, along with college loans with rediculous interest, also, do research on the dominant cultures on the campus, to avoid your child feeling like an outcast.


I would tell students that they should visit each college campus while they are applying and choose which one is the best for them. Being a deaf student, choosing the right campus and the right classroom settings will help you achieve your college experience. I would tell the parents to go with the students when they tour the campus so they can ask questions and make sure that the money they're spending is worth it for their kids to attend.


When looking at colleges, choose the college you want to go to as an individual and that fits the major or goals you have the most. Don't let money be a determining factor, there are always ways to get grants, scholarships and other help with tuition. Do a lot of research, including visitin as many campuses you are able to, and apply to as many colleges as you can and make sure that they fit what you are looking for. That way when you get the responses back you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of each college and have a few back up choices in case your number one choice does not accept you. Once you get to college, put yourself out there, meet new people, join clubs and anything else that will help you adapt to your new surroundings and make your college years more successful, fulfilling and comfortable. Last but not least, make sure you study and do the work necessary for all classes, you don't have to get straight A's, but get the best grades you are able to. Take full advantage of the college experience it only comes once!


The advice I would give a parent or student about finding the right college is make sure it fits all your needs. There are many appealing colleges out there that may fit a few of your needs, but when you come to that point in your life where you may need something the college doesn't offer your on your own. Make a list of what you wantyour college to do for you, then make a list of potential colleges. When you do your run-through check off all that apply at that school. It will make this process easier.


Visit as many campus as you can. Don't be quick to choose