Gonzaga University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is absolutely amazing.


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Ranging on the smaller end of college campuses,. Gonzaga provides a supportive staff who are truly interested in the students well-being and growth, not only in their academic field of choice, but also as an individual who interacts with the world in a perceptive, yet discerning manner.


Gonzaga is a basketball spirited, fun, welcoming and academically sound college.


Gonzaga is a great place to learn if you don't mind it's strong conservative feel.


Gonzaga is a strong community of young, active people who are devoted to their studies, to their futures, and to the people around them.


Gonzaga University is a truly accademic institution, it is a open, accepting, and friendly place that makes you feel like part of the famiy.

A very close nit community of students and proffessors whole focus on the educational growth of the whole person.


Gonzaga University has small class sizes and great professors and Jesuit values are promoted through the required courses.


Gonzaga is a small school experience everyone loves and benefits from.


Gonzaga University is a school that really encourages you to learn in more than just a classroom. You are hear to learn not only about your major but yourself. Being a private school, Gonzaga really tries to get everyone involved in some way, whether it be clubs, sports, or volunteering. We spend a lot of time branching out to the community around us and trying to make a difference in the world. If you want to opprotunity to be apart of something Gonzaga University is a great chance to get not only the chance, but the motivation to get involved.


My school is like home; a place I feel comfortable to be myself and an environment where I feel comfortable learning.


Gonzaga is a Jesuit university that is tough. The students are all very motivated and hard working. They are friendly, driven and many of them are dreamers with the ability to succeed. Gonzaga is know for great academic standing in the region, not to mention one heck of a basketball team. Though Gonzaga is by far one of the hardest school I have attended (GU is my third university) it is one of the best and has some of the brightest people I have ever met.


Gonzaga is focuses on a student's mind, body, and soul.


My school and the people who attend my school are very supportive to one another academically and socially.


Gonzaga is the home of the BULLDOGS! in every sense of the word; not only in having the school team being called that, but also everyone has such a great school spirit that their barking can be heard roaring with excitement throughout any function that the school offers to better those that are here in mind, boday and spirit, which is the goal of the school.


A community focused on preparing it's students for a world that desperately needs great leaders and people, with emphasis on Jesuit tradition and being a part of the community in a positive and helpful way.


Gonzaga is a lot of fun since its students are high energy with great school spirit as well as being friendly and most days just walking down Bulldog Alley shows a wide variety of student activities: from students play sports on Foley lawn and Mulligan field, to ethnic groups selling cultural foods or various event sign-ups on Crosby steps.


It's a small community with passionate professors and friendly peers, but for some, it may be a little too small.


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Very community orientated both on campus and off.


Intellectual, exciting, friendly, challenging.


Gonzaga is a very community focused campus, all the teachers new my name after the first week and I felt more than comfortable to speak up in class.


Gonzaga is upbeat, friendly, and spirited.




not too big, not too small, fun, active, credible,


Gonzaga is small enough to develop real relationships with friends and faculty, but large enough to attract amazing staff and students.


Gonzaga provides a friendly environment, in which students are allowed to grow as a whole person, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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