Gonzaga University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I'm not sure what the most popular ones would be just because we have so many! There's GUSR which works with special needs adults, Gonzaga Outdoors, Man's Best Friend which is a club that works closely with shelters in the area, GSBA which is the very comprehensive student government, and a lot of cultural groups as well. Really, everyone can find something their interested in within all the clubs and groups on campus.


Intramural sports. Attending basketball games.


There are always activities going on through out the campus whether it be throwing a frisbe around or playing soccer with your friends. There is always something to do. Last year i lived in the all freshman dorm and i cannot remember a time where more than 10 doors in my hall were closed.


If you're not really social by the time you come to Gonzaga, you will be by the time first semester ends. It's impossible to not get involved in something. Students are encouraged to leave their doors open so that they can meet new people. I've met some of my closest friends through classes and others through various groups and activities. A group I'm a part of is GUTS, Gonzaga University Theatre Sports. It's Gonzaga's comedy improv group; instead of working from a script, we make it all up based solely off of suggestions from the audience. I'd never done something like that before and now I love it. And because of the number of talks I've had from some of the members (a majority of which are theatre majors), I've given serious thought about taking up a theatre arts minor. There are no fraternities or sororities on campus, but that doesn't stop strong bonds from forming in certain dorms. The dorm I'm in has a fraternity-like bond and we are like brothers. We look out for each other and we support each other. Parties do happen on a regular basis, but at Gonzaga, if you choose not to, that's perfectly fine. I never partied and I've never had anyone give me crap about it. Nobody really pressures you into partying. You do, cool; you don't, also cool.


So the Kennel Club is a MUST. It is the student club for the basketball team and they organize the shirts that we wear for the games. If you don't join, you will not understand Gonzaga. I am also involved in Thirst, which is a nondenominational worship service completely run by students. It is really relaxed and basically we all goof off mostly, but it is also really refreshing. I am also an Resident Assistant so i am in charge of 30-50 freshmen in the dorms. Everyone keeps their doors open, which is great to meet people and to have fun. St. Cathreine/St. Monica (CM) is the biggest coed freshmen dorm and I HIGHLY encourage you to go there cause it is really crazy and a lot of fun. There are no sororites or faternites, but there is the Knights and Setons which is a group of 30 girls/30 guys who are Sophomores. They are selected after a period of rushing. The group is designed under the title of a community service group, but they have the reputation of partying a little more than serving. Anyway, a great group of girls and guys who have done AMAZING things for the community and raised a LOT of money for different organizations.


Social life is what you make it. The dorms are where most of the friendships are formed and if you get stuck in a dorm with few of peers then you have to make a larger effort to meet people. there are plenty of school sponsored activities and plenty of non sponsored school activities to join.


I lived in Goller (a suite style dorm) for my first two years, and it was a blast. I made some really close friends and I got paired with what turned out to be probably the best roommate I could ever get. For the first year, our suite door was always open and we were always looking to meet new people. But our second year, we all moved in and kept our suite door closed all year. During your freshmen year you'll meet a bunch of different people, and by your sophomore year you pretty much know who you really want to spend your time with. Since GU's supposed to be a dry campus, the parties take place behind closed suite and bedroom doors. Depending on your RAs, the parties can be more open or more secluded. We had really fun RAs the first year, and pretty retarded RAs the second year. So hope for some good ones. There are no frats or sororities at GU, which I think is awesome. Frat kids are way too into themselves. There's a pseudo-frat group at GU called the knights, but anyone who isn't a knight would agree that they're all tools. But anyway, the student life at GU is a blast, and you'll definitely have a good time no matter what you're in to.


It's all about Gonzaga basketball. It's a small enough school in a small enough town that it doesn't get the kind of music and speaking events that many schools get. House parties are pretty common, but there is no Greek system.


Since I transferred in as a junior I don't have that many extra-curricular activities however I have attended a few parties off campus, a dance or two on campus as well as some basketball, baseball and some inner-mural sporting events. I do not live on campus so the dorm life is something that I don't know all too much about, however my friend lives in the dorms and I have spent time there. The dorm that she lived in this past school year was nice and so many of the girls on the floor were friends that doors were always open and people were coming and going from all different rooms. Gonzaga does not have a greek system so fraternities and sororities are not important to the student body. There is a business fraternity that is for guys and girls but other than that we don't have a greek system which I really enjoy. I think that if Gonzaga were to have a greek system the students might become corrupt with alcohol use among other things. This is not to say that parties off campus don't have alcohol, they do and a great deal of students that attend those parties do drink but so many of the students also know how to have just as good a time without drinking.


Students in my first year always left their doors open, and in my hall, we became a great group of friends. As one of my friends put it, it was like a fraternity, without the dumb fraternity sterotype to go along with it.


Gonzaga is all about the Kennel Club.....period. There is not a fraternity or sorority scene on campus, and it's obvious. The party scene can be a bit dry, literally. Most Gonzaga students are fairly conservative and though most drink, it's not the wild college party scene you'd find at most schools....which for some is a turn-on and some not.


The student body at Gonzaga is very active. There are plenty of opportunities to do just about everything.


If you attend Gonzaga you have to be in Kennel Club. It' what the student section of sporting events is caled. Students leave their doors open in the dorms, and if you're an incoming freshman, live in CM.


Gonzaga has an unspoken open door policy. You can go into any dorm and the doors will be open. Off campus life is amazing! Just a quick walk down centennial trial, and you are in the heart of Spokane with great shopping, theaters, clubs, and resturants! I didn't have a car this year, and it was no problem!


students leave doors open in dorms, everyone is really open to meeting everyone, people are very welcoming, basketball is huge at Gonzaga the majority of students are really into it, like any college people go out a lot


What activities and what social life. If you want to have a good time in college this is not the place.


Basketball is huge. There are a bunch of guest speakers, and the school does a great job at getting a wide range of views represented. I loved the theater program and was actively involved in my time at GU. Thursday nights people go to the bars. Freshman year is the year to meet your lifelong friends -- the dorms are fun. Our mixed gender dorms are co-ed by floor. Catherine Monica is the dorm to live in if you want a crazy fun freshman year. There are no frats or sororities (thank god!).


As mentioned before athletics are a much enjoyed pastime at Gonzaga. But other popular organizations include cultural clubs like the Hawaiian, Spanish or African American groups; community service groups like Knights and Setons, Campus Kids, Campus Kitchens, Mission Possible and Smile; as well as the infamous Kennel Club. In the dorms, students always leave their doors open (at least freshman year), so it is very easy to meet new people. The only warning I would provide is to avoid the positive choice dorms. Yes they are much nicer, and no I am not suggesting you should make negative choices. I say this only because the dorms are set up in a suite style structure, so it is very difficult to meet people other than your sweet mates if you are in one your first year. The dating scene is certainly present but not stifling. You can very much choose to be a part of it or not. I heard there is some statistic that reads that 80% of Gonzaga students find their life-long significant other at Gonzaga... I don't believe it. But there you have it, whether it is true I will never know. I would guess it to be more like 25%, at the most. Parties are there if you look for them. Like the dating scene you can either look for it or avoid it. The latter actually isn't too hard as all parties are house parties which are off campus. And since there are no sororities or fraternities and freshmen and sophomores must live on campus for the first two years, you definitely have to go looking for the party scene. Once of age though, the bars next to campus are always a blast. Off campus there is actually a lot to do. Most freshman and sophomores are unaware of the possibilities but there is decent shopping downtown (20 min walking distance) with a Nordstrom, Macy's, Gap, etc. as well as a movie theater and plenty of great restaurants. If you have a car, there is another mall up the street, and endless outdoors stuff to do within 30min-2hours. At least four ski resorts (most are small but homey), lots of hiking, kayaking rivers, lakes, and sightseeing opportunities.


Too many groups to list, tons of social activities.


GU has a huge range of activities to be involved in, from athletics, to intramurals (which everyone does...good and bad), to Mock Trial and debate, to service learning, habitate for humanity and Campus Kids, to GU outdoors. I am involved with Women's Club Soccer and love it, I've never been part of such a great team of girls! I do SMILE which is a program that has GU mentors meet each week at an elementary school in an at-risk neighborhood. We play with the kids, show them we care, and serve as role models for them. I don't know who gets more out of it though! I love it! I also play intramurals which is where I have met alot of my friends, and even my boyfriend. Athletic events~ basketball is a must go....lets just say its QUITE popular. The dateing scene....well, between classes, school events, sports, service, the COG and everything else going on in an average GU student's life, people meet and they date! If I am awake on Tuesday at 2am I am struggling to finish a 10 page paper or studying. Traditions~ often revolve around Basketball. We tend to camp out for days and days in the snow for tickets....There is also Charity Ball which is a big formal dance put on by a group on campus to raise money for a charity. The freshmen induction is AMAZING...but you'll have to come and figure that one out on your own! Frats and Sororites= not important. Last weekend~ caught up on sleep, did homework, hung out with friends, went out, drank coffee. Things to do on a Saturday night that is not drinking~ watch a movie, go to a movie, go out to eat, play tag, jump in leaf piles, really do what you want! Off campus....hmmm, I eat.


There are LOTS of ways to get involved. There are a lot of sports teams and even more inter mural teams that are constantly active. There are clubs and organizations in just about every aspect of interest, and if there isn't one, it is easy and encouraged to start your own. Basketball is huge, both the men and womens teams are known for their outstanding performances.


Social life on the weekends is synonymous with alcohol. Most students complain of having limited activities on the weekend. I would say this is only a problem during the winter months when it gets too cold to do activities outside


I was surprised that not that many people drink on campus, but there definitely is a social scene there is hella bomb shit to do though!! and hella ways to get involved


There are many popular organizations on campus, as I stated before. Those are some of the most prominent organizations on campus, but there are many others, as well as intramural and club sports teams and other such activities. Our most popular TEAM on campus would undoubtedly be our basketball team. Basketball at Gonzaga is part of the culture. If you don't like basketball, good luck surviving at Gonzaga (haha, joking). But seriously, the games bring the entire Gonzaga community together as one, and that is an AWESOME thing to see. Most of the students in the dorms leave their doors open so that people can come in and out and visit with each other. It is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Overall, I would have to say that the residence halls on campus are awesome places to live, because each one has its own personality and they are all very fun places to be. If you're awake at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, odds are someone else is awake and is willing to have a random late-night philosophical conversation with you or something. I am definitely a night owl, and often find myself up late at night, but I am never awake by myself - there are always other night owls roaming around. It's pretty great. The party/drinking scene at Gonzaga is up for debate. Some people would say that it is pretty prevalent on campus, while others would say it's not really a big deal. I don't think it's really that HUGE of an element on campus, but I would be lying if I said that it didn't happen at all. Fraternities and sororities don't exist at Gonzaga (besides Alpha Kappa Psi, our business fraternity, and a couple other academic fraternities), however, we have an organization called Knights and Setons which is probably the closest thing to a fraternity/sorority. There is a huge brotherhood/sisterhood that occurs with Knights and Setons, so it is fraternity/sorority-esque, but the students don't live together in a designated house or anything, and they are big on philanthropy. There is SO much to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking, it's pretty insane. I would know, as I do just that, every weekend. I generally prefer to have Boggle game competitions with my friends, but we're nerds. Haha. Just trust me when I say that there is a TON of stuff to do on campus that doesn't involve drinking, and that's awesome! Like I said before, there is always so much to do on campus, that leaving campus isn't required much, if at all. However, if you DO want to venture off of campus, the main downtown area is only a 15-20 minute walk away, and there is a trail called "Centennial Trail" that takes you directly from campus to downtown on a very scenic route by the Spokane River. It's really nice. There is a fair amount to see downtown, and we often have Broadway plays come to Spokane. That is a huge draw for students, as well as good bands/performers that come play at some of the venues downtown. But, for the most part, students prefer to hang out on campus.


Athletics is big at GU. Our intermurals are through the roof, and I can almost guarantee that you'll know someone who is on a varsity team. Personally, I know probably a dozen. Students are pretty open within dorms, but it's difficult to make friends at first outside your dorm. You'll get over that, but it's still true. Also, as you become an upperclassman, you'll notice that you actually know everyone and, moreover, everyone knows each other. People you think didn't know each other will have been friends for three and a half years when you introduce them. Spokane is a 'make your own fun' kind of place. Downtown is within walking distance, but there's not much other than that. There are no frats but that does not mean there is no drinking. There's lots of drinking, alcohol and coffee. GU does a pretty good job of having something going on at least every other weekend or so that you can do if you don't want to party all the time. Last weekend, I went to a GUTS (Gonzaga University Theater Sports) show, where some of my friends did improv for two hours. Also, I volunteered at a wheelchair track meet in Pasco, and slept. There is lots to do, but you can't be passive about it.


The most popular clubs seem to be the service clubs. Basketball games and guest lecture events are always really well attended (with basketball being the most popular). There is a group called GUTs, which does improv. They are also really popular. I met my closest friends freshman and sophomore year, and in my classes, but past that it can be kind of difficult to meet new people, since it seems like everybody finds their group and stays friends throughout. There are not many options in the dating sector, since it is such a small school. People party all of the time, actually. The entire last month of school is dedicated to senior partying, and there are designated senior events such as the senior ball, boat cruise, line dancing, pizza night, bowling night, etc. It is pretty important (almost too important) to a lot of people here. However, there are also many people who just do it for fun, and don't take it so seriously. We don't have Greek life, but that does not stop people from doing service or having a good time. If you don't like to drink, however, that is not really a big problem, and the University actually sponsors a lot of weekend events and other events that do not involve alchohol. Downtown Spokane is also about a 15 minute walk away, and there are a lot of restaurants/ movie theatres, etc. down there.


Again- as a distance degree student this question does not apply to me.


Students leave their doors open in dorms for the most part and there are social events that different halls put on throughout the year. Basketball games are the most popular athletic event here which is always the most exciting time of the year. I met my closest friends freshmen year because they were my dormmates and we have lived together ever since. If I'm up very late into the night it is usually because I am doing homework. There are senior events that happen each year as well as some freshmen initiation events as well which are a lot of fun. People party the most on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, but it is just as easy to not party as it is to find a party to go to. Fraternities and sorities are not a part of the Gonzaga life because we are about establishing a bigger community and not segregating people. People often go out to eat, to the mall or to see if a movie if they are not into drinking.


Spokane nightlife is almost nonexistent, so if you like to party on the weekends you are limited to house parties or the few bars around campus. The bars by campus are great - it isn't really a pickup scene because everyone there already knows each other. It's like being in Crosby (the student center) with alcohol.


CCASL is the way to go. Community service and social justice will help open your eyes to the world and change your life forever.


There's club or organization for everyone, from the ski club to the wine club to the environmental clubs. And almost every club hosts an event during the year, either a dinner fundraiser, a movie night, a guest lecturer. There are also a few theater productions every year as well as constant sporting events. There's something going on on campus at least once a week, normaly about three days a week. Students like to enjoy themselves. The doors in dorms are always open and everyone is very welcoming. On the weekends you can wander around a dorm and find something to do. Since I'm 21 I enjoy the bars by campus. But it's also fun to go downtown to get away from all of the Gonzaga students. There are a ton of bars downtown, and there are "events" every night. Most students go out on Friday and Saturdays, but seniors like to go out on Thursdays as well. One of the bars by campus has kareokee on Thursday nights, that's always fun. There are also a ton of things to do that don't involve drinking, such as laser tag (which is very popular), going to the movies, rock climbing. We don't have fraternities or sororities, but we have a community service group for men and women that is like a fraternities or sororities. You have to apply and go through interviews and perform tasks to be admitted.


Basketball is great. The dorms are fun. Lots of cool things nearby too.


Basketball is HUGE! Everyone goes to the games - they are a ton of fun! Also, there are two local bars right next to campus that the juniors and seniors go to often. There are no fraternities or sororities, but there are a lot groups and clubs that get together and do social events. There are a lot of parties around campus, but I would estimate that the ratio between hard partiers and those who only go out occasionally is about 50/50. However, the more you go out, the more well-known you are. Gonzaga is not about popularity, but if you are the type who wants to "be known" then go out. The dating scene is wierd here. Some people date, some are in relationships, but for the most part Gonzaga seems to have a "make-out" and "hook-up" culture. A one or two time thing between a guy and girl and then it is done. Nothing gets too awkward between the two, it is just known that they had a thing and now it is over and usually they go on to be friends. If you don't like to drink or party, there are a ton of university events on weekends for students, from dinners, to movies, concerts, etc. Also, Spokane is full of things to do. There are a lot of restaurants, parks and outdoor activites - it is a family town so there is always something going on, on a weekend night. Students at Gonzaga volunteer a lot and are really involved in their community. There are many service organizations on campus that do everything from build houses, mentor students or put on events to raise money for third world countries.


The basketball are always huge, as i am sure you could imagine. The other sporting events, I have yet to really get a chance to go to, I have always been busy with other activities or working on homework. I am on an intramural soccer team, and it has been pretty fun, just playing around with some friends, In my residence hall (Twohy) we are a suite style, but most of the suites keep their outer doors open, and if not the outer one, the inner ones are almost always open for people to pop their heads in an see whats up. A lot of people party every single weekend, and if thats your thing, you can find something for you. Personally, i do not drink, and I don't get hassled for it or anything, I can always find something to do with other people, watch a movie, go to a movie, go out for dinner, make dessert back at home, all fun things.


The most popular groups on campus are organizational group having to do with the University. The University and the activities are highly run by the students. For the most part, people leave their doors open in dorms and are highly social. Athletics are present but not required. It is a great place to meet people but not a must. The party scene is present, however, you are regarded as an outcast if you don't attend. The major party night is Saturday. There are no sororities or fraternities, therefore you are forced to make friends elsewhere.


There is always something going on around campus from concerts to guest speakers.


If you're awake at 2am, there could be two things that you are doing. 1. You're writing a paper at lightning speed because it's due the next day (same thing goes for tests). 2. You're at your friend's house with a group of crazies who also don't have class until later in the day on the next day, and you're having intellectual conversations, doing handstand pushups against the wall (or trying and failing), and discussing why men and women--despite similar size--are still unequal in strength...and how maddening it is. You're also probably watching old TV series like Boston Legal, House, or The West Wing. If you're interested in activities that don't involve drinking, there are a lot of them set up by Dawgs After Dark, an activity group on campus. You can go play lasertag, rock climb, bowl, go to the mall, have a movie night, go see a movie, run around and be crazy college kids, go to GUTS--our improv comedy group on campus which is REALLY REALLY GOOD AND FUNNY!


The most popular activities on campus is the Kennel Club which is the student cheering section for all the sporting events. There is a lot of pride and support shown for members of different groups and activities. In my hall the doors are always open and people rotate in and out all the time continually interacting and sharing. The theater shows are always popular as well as the guest poetry speakers. I met some of my closest friends on the retreats and my fellow hallmates. My favorite memory would be staying up until 3am on weekends with my entire hall playing guitar and having a sing along and open floor for speaches. There are plenty of parties but the majority of students do not join in. There are no frats or sororities but each sports team has its own house off campus. Last weekend I went to the school baseball games and watched my friend pitch a complete game shutout.


BORING, even school sanctuned events are not only boring but few and far between especially during the winter when you need it most. Parties are lame and the good ones get broken up before you get your money in beer worth.


Kennel Club is intense because of the school spirit. Knights and Setons is another one that only sophomores can take part of. People often party on the weekends but thursday seems to be the other exception.Off campus I go to movies, walk around downtown, and eat out.


Crew is popular so is baseball, basketball, knights and setans etc. I never lived in a dorm. Basketball is about the only one worth going to. I met my closest friends through a friend that I was assigned a group project with in computers class. I am usually studying at 2am either that or hanging out but def. not drinking. I'm not sure of any traditions. People don't party enough, the party scene is deff. a low key one. I don't think we have any Frats or Sororities. Last weekend I went to a party off campus didn't get back until 4am.....Then on sat. I hung out with friends in Dussault and woke up early to do a group project on Sunday. Saturday night you could go downtown and there are a few things to do over there....Umm....Lots of places to eat. Off campus I basically do everything.


The most popular team on campus is the basketball team. For basketball games, people will camp out up to a week early for big games. School spirit for the basketball team is unrivaled around most of the country. In dorms, people will often hang around in others rooms for long periods of time, just hanging out. In the dorms, most people leave their doors open whenever they are home and people are welcome to comeand go. If I am ever awake on a Tuesday at 2am, there are only a few thing I would be doing. I am either studying for a test or watching tv/playing games with friends. If I wanted to do things on a weekend that don't involve drinking, there are any number of things to do. I can play games, go to the movies, go bowling, or just hang out with friends.


One of my favorite parts about Gonzaga is how much of a community it is. You can leave your clothes in the dryers without worrying about someone taking them, the doors will always be held open for you, and if you lose a wallet or cell phone expect it to get turned in. Kids commonly meet for movies, the club, dorm-cooked dinners, study groups, or a random game of frisbee or snowball fights. The campus is very active, and most go to the gym every other day. While we don't have sororities or fraternities, there are two service groups, the Knights and Setons which closely resemble them without actually being called that. Their initiation takes place in the spring, but because they only accept 60 students (30 boys and 30 girls) and turn down about 100, they grow to be resented for their cliquishness. There are always guest speakers and presenters, and being such a small school allows for easy tickets for most students. Beware of waiting for basketball tickets! It has become a tradition and favored event, and students will often camp out for days or weeks just to get tickets.


I'm in GUSR- its an organization for individuals with developmental disabilities..this club is a life changing experience.


During basketball season (from about November to March) that is all you ever here about! They always say, if you're not a basketball lover before you come here, we'll make you one. The dating is pretty prolific. Something like 74% of Gonzaga students get married to other Gonzaga students. It's pretty easy to get involved here if you want to be involved.


I've lived in Spokane for all 20 years of my life, and I realize that Spokane is not the most exciting city for young adults. However, Gonzaga brings in bands (Ben Folds is playing this week), they put on plays, improves, I've seen several guest speakers for the science department and english department, school wide BBQs, several athletic events (of course...go Bulldogs!), and several more random events on and off campus. Everyone is pretty open with everyone...warning this is not like high school...Gonzaga students all seem so integrated with each other; what I've realized the most is that most of the students have the same long term goals as I do (which is different then my experience in high school). My closest friends happened to be my neighbors and people in the science department. But the school is small enough that you recognize faces after about the first month. Well, if I'm awake on a Tuesday at 2am, I'm either writing a paper in my room, at a friends place cramming for a science exam.....or wasting time on Facebook! :)


The most popular club on campus I would say is the Kennel Club, which is basically the basketball club. They design T-Shirts for the student body to wear to the basketball games, e-mail students frequently about the availability of tickets, and encourage everyone to support both the men's and women's teams.


Our activities are pretty uneventful. We have a couple dances where everyone gets drunk and grinds, then about twice a year we have someone cool who comes and sings. This year we have Ben Folds, last year Guster. But the tickets are $20.00s. Other than that there are occasional little events but usually they fill up before you can get there.


The Gonzaga Men's Basketball team is huge on campus. Everyone tries to get tickets and the student section at the games is always overflowing to other sections and it is an absolute blast. Personally, you have to live in the dorms or on campus for the first 2 years and I leave my door open quite often. People will stop by and it is more fun to see what is going on. I met my closest friends my freshmen year, they lived on my floor and I had a couple of classes with them and the rest was history. Gonzaga does not have fraternities or sororities.


I know that there are a lot of on campus clubs and organizations and there is always some kind of volunteering opportunity to be a part of. There are no frats or sororities on campus but Knights and Seatons kind of does the job for them if you were into that. People stay up a lot of nights but not to party, unless its a Thursday or the weekend, but studying. But people usually are talking and socializing late into the night. There is always a party or drinking going on on the weekend but no one judges you if you don't want to take part in it. There are also a lot of things for students to do around campus for entertainment, just look at the weekly bulletin in your bathroom stall for information.