Gonzaga University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The meals in the school. First of all, the meal plan is expensive, and the varity of options isn't as good as I had hoped it would be.


To be honest, the faculty is cooperative and kind, the students are open, and the teachers are fantastic. If there is one thing that I could complain about- it would be my previous roomate. This was a punk kid that upon my arrival made sure to put up all his rasta colored shot glasses and weed symbols so my parents would know I was in "good hands". He would stumble in every night at 2am, snore like a bear, and sleep in untill 1- skipping most all of his classes. Everything else at this school was fine.


Although I love Gonzaga because it has grown to be my home, the lack of colored students on campus is frustrating. This school strives for amazing missions, diversity being one of them and still Gonzaga does not offer accomadations for parents who do not speak English. My mother came to visit Gonzaga and no translations nor translotors were accomadated for her. As a first-generation Latina this lack of interest in having the school appropiately welcome my mother makes it hard for other minority first-generation students like myself to want to attend college.


Teachers required student athletes to get notes from fellow students. They did not provide notes.


The biology program was to focused on pre-med and didnt allow for students to explore much else in this field.


The most frustrating thing about my school is by far, the weather. Living in Florida, I am very used to sunshine all year round, but the winter weather in Washington is very gloomy and depressing.


One of the most frusturating things is also one of the best things. That is that it focuses on academics a great deal and is a liberal arts college. Gonzaga wants you to get an education of both the field you are studying and other fields as well. This helps for a well rounded education which can be frusturating at times because you may not feel it pertains to your degree. Even though you may feel this way you'll be surprised to find out that a lot of the information you learn in thos classes is useful to you.


The surrounding area has a small job market. I wish there were more opportunitities to work off campus, where funds did not come from work study money.


I wish there was more diversity at Gonzaga . With more diversity I think people would be a lot more open minded and willing to accept different ideas and cultures. For the most part though everything else at Gonzaga is great!


the internet and email, but it;s getting fixed


The most frustrating thing about Gonzaga is the lack of help when you are looking to move on. If you graduate with a business degree expect little to no real help from the career center. Basically, make sure you are plugged into the career center early and often or you will likely get left high and dry come graduation.




The neighborhood can feel unsafe at times. I believe that socially, the school is too small, but academically the small class rooms is great. The size for it socially is just my preference and many people love it.


Maximum credit load of 18 per semester and the unavailability of courses due to shortage of teachers and classrooms. Also, unavailability of courses until you reach upper division courses. Core requirements are too heavily weighted on Religion and Philosophy. A broad range of knowledge should be asked for, but not this much concentration in Philosophy and Religion. Cafeteria needs improvement and there's not enough housing. The athletic department is such a bureacracy it's ridiculous.


Many of the students there come from extremely wealthy families, and its hard to fit in. Especially if you have to work while going to school, which I had to do, its hard to feel like you're apart of the community because not only are you working, but you HAVE to work to be able to afford the school.