Gordon College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The reason I first chose Gordon College, and the reason I brag about it to my friends so much is that Gordon does so much with the surrounding community. Gordon's Office of Community Engagement allows someone like me to create a team of my peers, which can use its passions to serve the homeless, the elderly, at-risk-youth, refugee families, and others. It is so incredible to be a part of that.


The oppourtunities to gain real world experiences and the helpfulness of the professors who really care about who you are and your life goals.


The location of Gordon is great, along with the emphasis on academics and a strong Christian faith.


The people and the academics. I have the best friends that anyone could ask for, and the professors and staff are devoted and wonderful. I love everything about my college. Even when I don't say it, I know deep down I really do love it there. I could not have asked or been given a better place to develop my learning and my abilities than Gordon College.


I talk aboy=ut the location of the school the most. It is only 30 minutes from Boston so your close enough to the city, so if you want to go otu there is pleanty to do in Boston. Another great thing about the location is how close we are to the ocean. Beautiful beaches are so close to the college. My favorite is Singing Beach. It is only about 10 minutes away and its is so amazing.


It is one of the safest campuses and that you do not need to have alcohol to have fun because the students that attend the college are very genuine.


I love my dorm, I love my floor and the girls that I live with. Our resident director is someone that I brag about quite a bit. She is like our dorm mom, she cooks for us and looks out for us. She is always available for anyone that needs anything from her.


I don't brag about it


The contrast that is most apparent between Gordon and the schools that my friends attend is the workload. Gordon's workload is heavy and staying afloat is difficult unless you are willing to put in the time.


The staff and faculty, because they're incredibly caring and supportive, and they really care about the holistic development of the students.