Gordon State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you want to go to Gordon State College, you must be very hard working, punctual, have strong spiritual support system, an strong minded. You must be willing to work hard at Gordon State because in most classes good grades don't come easily. Most professors are specific on how their class is to be operated and how assignments are to be done. Being puntual is a good trait that professors look at. Finally, you must have a strong spiritual support system. This will help you make desicions that will benefit you in the long run.


The party going type individual. A majority of people come here to just joke around and have that status of them being in college. Also, the student who isn't ready for the big time universities yet should come here. Classes are very small and compact, plus most of the professor care for you rather than just making a paycheck.


A person that is all about handling business an doing their work. They make sure that all of their students have good grades and keep them up. So, to the people that don't like to do work Gordon college is not the school for you.


Gordon's a great school for students coming from small highschool or homeschoolers. It's intimate atmosphere and pretty, easy to navigate campus are a nice place for student's to get their feet wet.