Goucher College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school has a beautiful campus and great academics.


My school is one that is very accepting and is one that helps to create well-rounded students and international people.


It is a very liberal, environmental consicious school, that is very good academically but needs a new president.


Students at Goucher are passionate about learning both inside and outside the classroom, constantly participating in service learning, volunteering and attending lectures, this school allows students the opportunity to see the world through mandatory study abroad and internships.


It is a small community oriented school that is making strides to become more culturally and ethnically diverse.


Goucher is a place where those who did not belong in high school will fit in with ease.


Goucher is a college for smart hippies.


Goucher is small, with an engaged and personable student body, faculty, and staff, and has the best of both worlds in terms of location; however, it has the drawbacks of a small school, too.


A small liberal arts school that is not quite as open minded as it would have you believe.


When Obama was elected president, there was an eruption of illegal fireworks, partying, and public nudity as nearly the entire school poured out onto the residential quad for merrymaking.


Hippie liberal idealist that follows 70% of what it preaches.


Goucher is where all the lame kids in highschool are now the coolest on campus.

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