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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes and no. Though the "weird kid" population at Goucher is somewhat larger than at other schools, the general population is not that way and the weirdness comes from students being uber comfortable with themselves. However, the other stereotypes are generally true.


Somewhat. The student body is comprised of very creative and liberal indivduals but there are also lots of preppy-jock-type people. There is a tremendous mix of personalities and interests among the student body. That's what makes Goucher so vibrant.


Yes and no. Goucher students tend to be very socially active and aware, which is the basis of the hippie stereotype. As for Goucher students being weird, there definitely seem to be some oddballs on campus, but this probably has to do with the fact that people feel so comfortable being themselves here. There's a lot of freedom to express your own creativity at Goucher without fear of judgment from others, and if that means going to class barefoot, or singing loudly in the shower in the bathroom that you share with your entire residence floor, then so be it.


False. Although I would say that many goucher students are creative and "artsy." there are many different types of students that come to Goucher. There is no group that is more prevalent than any other really.


Yes, to a degree. If you are someone who has just never quite fit in, then Goucher is a great place to be. The students are extremely nice, but there are definitely a lot of very strange ones. It is not a party school at all and that's not because the students are busy studying - it's because no one knows how to organize a party and students are nervous about interacting socially. That said, I had a lot of fun there (as a transfer for 2 years). Most of my friends said that if you stick with it after freshman year, then it becomes a lot better.

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