Goucher College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


People either love or hate Goucher and that's really what's so great about it. Who wants to go to a college that could be a good fit for anyone? Goucher is unique and allows you to find your uniqueness if you allow it to.


Goucher is a small liberal arts school with a heavy undergraduate concentration. Only professors teach classes and they are very accessible. The class sizes are really small and even introductory classes do not reach more than 60 students. The campus is very aesthetically pleasing especially in the spring. Everyone basically knows everyone which can be both good and bad.The center of campus is the Atheneaum which is the library on campus but also has a small fitness area, a forum for programs and Alices cafe. The community at Goucher is tightly knit because of its small size. Students usually complain about the lack of a social scene and the incestuous relationships on campus.


The best thing about Goucher is the small class sizes. You truly get to know your professors, and they get to know you. I had professors who would randomly email me with book recommendations or other things they thought would interest me. Also, for such a small school Goucher offers a tremendous amount of extra-cirricular activites etc. Students have incredible access to the college on all different levels from being a peer facilitator for first-years to sitting on the exec. board.


At just under 1,500 students, Goucher is a very small school. This has both definite advantages and disadvantages. It's great, because you get to know everyone -it's impossible to walk from your dorm room to class, without stopping to say hi to fifteen people. There's a great sense of community at Goucher. There are a lot of traditions that everyone participates in, like Get Into Goucher Day (G.I.G.), when classes are canceled, and students frolic freely (and drunkenly) in the sunshine on the quad, and an awesome Thanksgiving dinner each year with turkey, and stuffing, and everything else you can imagine. You always feel included, and a part of what is happening here. But this makes it's impossible to hide when you want to. Also, you end up learning a lot of things about people that are definitely not your business. Goucher is located in Towson, which is one of the largest suburbs of Baltimore. The proximity to Baltimore draws a lot of students here, and students tend to develop a lot of pride for the city -cheering for the Orioles and drinking Natty Boh, one of the finest cheap beers in the world. The Goucher administration is one of its major strengths. Our president is very accessible, and it is not unusual to see him eating in the dining halls, or attending student performances and events. The administration is very open to student concerns, and has completely revised a number of its policies, based on student input. Basically, people want you to be happy here, and if you're not, they take it pretty seriously.


Goucher's size is one of its best qualities. It allows students to get to know professors, administrators and staff in addition to meeting peers. Goucher students students are very aware of what is going on in the world. In addition to studying abroad, many students are involved with Social Justice projects around the globe. Most importantly, Goucher students are empowered. If there are issues that arise on campus, they have a voice in policy making, policy changing and overall campus governance. Just this past year, students and administrators worked together to craft a gender-neutral housing policy that allows students of different sexes to live together.


This is a very small school and a place where you will get a lot of attention and have extremely liberal professors and students. My classes in the English department were amazing. If you are extremely career oriented, it might not be the place for you because it's more about a general base of knowledge. If you're looking for the "typical" college experience, you'll be dissappointed at Goucher. I loved my time there, but I also know that it is for a specific type of person - the one who doesn't fit in at other places.

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