Goucher College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Not enough time in the day to do everything you want to.


Sometimes it can feel like a bubble. Goucher is very really small, so getting off campus and out of the "Goucher Bubble" can be hard. Gossip is pretty big around this school merely because of its size.


The most frustrating thing about Goucher in my opinion is the Non- Athlete attitude towards the athletic department and us athletes. The so called "general population" shuns the athletic department and generally thinks we receive ample amounts of financial aid for our sports and facilities. Those who don't play sports think that athletes get special attention from professors, and extended time for assignments, which is far from the truth. We tend to have a harder time with academics because we are expected to complete any assignment in a timely manner.


A bunch of students were kicked off campus because we ran out of space, and they had to be moved twice because the building they were supposed to be living in off-campus wasn't ready on time. They had to live first in other off-campus housing, but they got bedbugs, so then they moved to a hotel, and then finally they moved to another off-campus apartment complex.


I recently spent this last semester living in a hotel since Goucher does not have enought housing and they are planning to continue to expand without building new housing. Also the lack of communication between administration and students - they talk to parents more than students, yet they complain to the students that they are not taking enough responsibility.


I had to deal with Bedbugs this year in my off-campus apartment through the school. I was put up in a hotel for two months and the living situation was not satisfactory. Also, the cost of tution is rediculous and I do not recieve enough Financial Aid to cover the costs so it makes paying the bills extremely hard for my family and I.


The lack of boys that go here that are not here just for the "ratio". That is, boys that go here because they think it's easy to get a Goucher Girl. Also, the dorms are disgusting and out of code.

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