Goucher College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


When I visited Goucher I felt a great vibe. There was nothing surprising when I attended Goucher. I felt my first impression of the school was very honest - so there is nothing I wish I had known. As long as you visit Goucher, you get a great impression of what it is like.


Before i came to this school i wish i had known how big the school was, and how much money it would cost to stay there.


That student housing is not guarenteed all four years, even though Goucher said housing is guarenteed all four years when I was accepted.


I wish I'd known about the lack of 24 hour quiet dorms


I wish I had known what I wanted to study right off the bat. Also, I wish I would have known that you have to be completely responsible for yourself and your decisions. There are people there to help you but ultimately, you are the one that makes the choices.

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