Grace College and Theological Seminary Top Questions

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Grace College offers free textbooks and will cut down tuition by $500 each year. Our education program is outstanding with excellent future educators. Our mission statement is active in each student's life. Grace College is near the beautiful Winona Lake, which gives students the opportunity to go swimming in the early fall and late spring. The campus life provides a positive environment with friendly people as well.


My school is unique because it is a Christian College that strives to show God's love. The presence of the Lord is seen on the campus by our visitors to the school. In class, professors always take the time to pray before or after the class period and always mention different ways of honoring God through the subject that we are studying. The campus has great professors that love to get to know their students and help us reach our goal of performing well in our classes.


I love GRACE college so much. I would not even consider another college now. If you have the chance to attend school here...DO IT!


Grace is a Christian school both in name and practice. Students take Bible classes and are challenged in their faith at Grace. Also, Grace is unique because starting in Fall of 2011, we will be offering 4 year degrees in 3 years. Grace is accelerating classes to help students be able to afford college (by being able to finish a degree in 3 years).


it is very comunity oriented. everyone knows almost everyone else.


they are very community based and really encourage growing in your relationship with God. they have awesome chapel sessions. the campus is beautiful and some of the buildings are intersting and old.


Grace is really unique in that everyone here is so friendly. they really reach out to you here, and faculty, staff, and upperclassmen are always willing to help you out.


Grace has a community based campus where people willingly help others in their time of need and on a day to day bases. People are true friends, that will last a life time. If you ever have any questions or concerns any student or staff member will willingly and always help you no matter how time consuming your issue and/or problem may be.


The treat you well. The profs are great. Dorm life is great. Community.


the faculty and staff care about you. They see you as an individual not a number


Grace was the cheapest school that accepted me. It was in a small town in the Midwest. All my other choices were on the west-coast and generally rated much higher academically.