Grace College and Theological Seminary Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A friendly, and open-minded person.


Someone that should attend Grace College is either someone that is already following the Lord or wants to follow God. Grace College also has an amazing Behavioral Science program for students pursuing that career for their future. The college has multiple majors that are taught by excellent professors that are highly qualified to be in their line of work. Someone that comes to Grace should also want to be in a close-knit community where unity is important on the campus. Grace College has unity and wants more students that strive to live for the Lord.


The type of person who would feel most comfortable attending this school would be a conservative Christian. Most of the people who attend my school fit into that group. There are some more liberal Christians and some non-Christians, but there are not nearly as many of them as there are conservative Christians.


Anyone. But this school is ideal for those who want to a small, laid-back atmosphere. Academic and spiritual growth are really big here as well as being having good community on and off campus.


I believe this school is open to all types of studnets. There is a VERY strong emphasis on Christianity and I don't know that a student that was not a Christian would want to attend. This school would also require that students follow moral codes. We have to sign a contract saying that we will follow the guidelines of the school while we are attending. If someone would not want to do that they really shouldn't be at Grace. It would just waste thier time and money.


A focused person with who values social justice


It depends on the person. If you are looking for biblically based classes and environment then you should be here. also if you are conservative this is the place to be.