Graceland University-Lamoni Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Graceland University-Lamoni?


A person who is interested in making friends who are very involved on campus and like doing campus sponsored activities and being a part of their house.


Anyone who is open and looking for corny.


Someone that can afford to go. This school is very expensive for a private college.


SOmeone that loves nature. Likes friendly people and that can stand living in a place with the main stores being Hyvee and dollar general. Everything else is about 30 minutes away.




Someone who wants a good learning environment and personal help from teachers when needed. This is not a school for someone who likes to be around large amounts of people at one moment in time. Graceland is very community focused and oriented.


People who like to socialize.


Someone who does not like to be in large classes and wants personal one-on-one teacher assitance. Graceland is a place for people to meet tons of new people and make friendships for life. If you want to actually know the people in your classes, Graceland is for you.