Grand Valley State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for being one of the top ranked schools in the midwest.


Grand Valley State is best known for Education and Sciences. I am in the Art education program and it is a very tight knitted group. I do not know very much about the majors outside of my major. But within my major I know that Grand Valley is great for Art and Edcuation. They also are lovely for biology!


Grand Valley is known for it's competitiveness and small class sizes. It's an optimal learning environment here because the teachers can be much more hands on as a result of the smaller sized classes. There is competitiveness in every aspect of Grand Valley, from being accepted into programs to having the best sports team! For example, I'm trying to get into the Nursing Program, and the College Of Nursing here only accepts 80 students per semester!


Grand Valley is known for having state of the art facilities as it is a relatively young school. It is also consistently ranked at the top of NCAA Division 2.


Grand Valley State University is known for its overall "happy valley" feeling. Its friendliness and care towards its students is exceptional and the campus is beautiful. The very first thing that comes to anyones's mind when it comes to Grand Valley is that the campus is extraoridnary. It's always clean and environmentally orientated.


To be honest, I don't know of any traditions.


Grand Valley is best known for its focus on providing a strong liberal education. It is known for requiring students to inquire, analyze, and reflect. GVSU places an emphasis on helping students develop these skills since they are necessary in order for students to gain self-knowledge and think for themselves.


My school is probably best known for the physical therapy program and of course our nationally ranked football team. A perfect combination of brains and brawn.


sports, and job placement


My school is best known for their football team and their accademics. I am currently on the football team and it is a great program that expects the best out of you. This means they expect you to do well in the hard academic classes, and if you don't do well then you will most likely not be on the team.


Our school is known for our athletics and high academic achievements. GVSU's football team is nationally ranked and brings a great college atmosphere to this wonderful campus. Our campus has been expanding over the past few years and is just spectacular. GVSU's PEW campus in Downtown GR gives students the opportunity to experience city life, a change of pace from the Allendale Campus. The shuttle is very easy to work and is easy for students to take the short 15 minute ride to the GR PEW campus or the short 5 minute ride to your off-campus apartment!


GVSU is known for its amazing Division II Football team and their many championships. We have great winning sports teams all around, from swimming to soccer.


Grand Valley is best known for being a relatively big school with a small athmosphere. It is thought to be a pretty conservative school, with many opportunities to get involved in campus life.


Grand Valley State is best known for its great athletic program, fantastic academic program, and welcoming environment.


Grand Valley is best known for their academic excellence and their attention to their students. We have exceptional services all around campus that help students with tuition, academic struggles, and almost anything else imaginable. Here at Grand Valley, the professors make an effort to get to know their students. From experience, this has helped me out tremendously. Knowing that my professors want to get to know me shows me that they truly care, and it makes them much more approachable so I can ask them any questions I need to without feeling embarrassed.


Atmosphere is everything at my school. I would say there are no other places like Grand Valley State University. We seem to have all we can hope for, such as a great education program, an awesome gym, many activities to do around campus, the food, and much more. Students know they can have a relaxing time here, and still be able to get work accomplished while enjoying a sweet smoothie from Java City. Seeing for yourself is the only way to truly know what are school is best known for.


They have small classes and excellent professors and course work that helps students succeed. They have strong science, biology and pre-med courses that attract the majority of our students.


Grand Valley is known for having a storng academic basis for all of its studies as well as being a strong atheltic school.


Good academic programs, strong athletics, being "green"


The athletics and increasing academic success. Also it's small and diversified. The classroom size holds at least a minimun of 25-30 students so you can have some type of one on one time with the professor if needed!


Grand Valley is probably best known for its sports. We have won the Directors Cup the last six years in a row. We could also be known for the "greenness" of our school. We are currently building new green living centers along with a green dining/study hall building. These will only rival the well-known "greenness" of our honors dorms.


Their accidemic programs.


Prestige. One the best schools in West Michigan academically. Football and Soccer are well-known.


Probably football! GVSU Lakers have several national championship in our league, so we pretty much rock. We also have very good geology and nursing programs.


Liberal education


Everyone says that Grand Valley is the college in the middle of a corn feild. Also were pretty well known for being the best in division II football.


Many different things.


I would say their football team.


Grand Valley has been rated a top sustainable school and is also known as a "best bang for your buck" school. It offers a great education for a very affordable price.


We are known for our small class sizes, academic excellence, and our top rated sports programs.


Grand Valley is known for many things, but I think it is most known for its football team. The past few years Grand Valley has won several national championships and provided their students with great sence of pride and spirit. Grand Valley football games also offer a great saturday afternoon activity for students after a long week of classes.


Best known for Education and Health.




Football, Sports, Science Program, Nursing


I Don't Know.


American Football! We've have the best division 2 team (seriously!) Other sports!. Lot's of greek stuff and campus organizations. Parties! Not too crazy but there are a lot. There's always something going on somewhere, even if it's off campus.


football and good academic programs




Nursing Program.


Football and the business school.


I believe we are best known for our Division II football team, who have been National Champs for many years, as well as our small class size. There is a great repor between factulty and students because of the one on one interaction that is possible.


My school is best know for football.


Our school is probably best known for its sports teams. Our football and basketball teams are a big part of Grand Valleys campus.


Their football program


Our school is best known for our football team. We are Division 2, but we have an extremely good team. Our senior class currently holds a 50-1 record in their career.


It's reasonably priced compared to a lot of other state universities.


Football team, the smaller campus size, religious and conservative nature of the area surrounding campus, cheaper tuition


I believe that our University is best known for having a beautiful campus while giving us (the students) an education that we can afford. The type of professors and dedication that they show to us, is also something that I 've never heard of anywhere else in our state.


Football, academics


Very good football team, nice nursing and art program. Very good programs overall.