Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Grand Valley is a place for everyone. There are so many majors offered, and so many clubs available, any type of person can find their place at this university.


I have seen all types of people attend this school, but one's I would mostly not suggest are those that are looking for a strict party school. Grand Valley State does a very good job of policing on and off of campus and patrolling all parties and events that go on.


If you are a person who is not a fan of meeting amazing new people or a beautiful friendly campus then Grand Valley State University is not for you. Everyone should have an open mind to trying new things and meeting new people.


Students who are looking to fly under the radar and minimize their prescence on campus during their college career, with the exception of required course work and attendance, should no atten this school.


A person who even thinks that they may want a social life should not attend Grand Valley.


Anyone looking for a big city or party type of environment probably would not be as at home at Grand Valley as I am. It is fairly close to Grand Rapids, but its far enough away that it has such a country and calm feel to it. This school is not crazy or overfilled with parties, so I think that anyone looking for that in a school would not be as happy here.


The kind of person who isn't looking for community should not attend this school. Grand Valley stresses the importance of fellowship and there are an endless supply of organizations on campus. Also, someone who isn't interested in a well-rounded, liberal education should find another university, since Grand Valley believes in people who are educated in more than one specific area.


I honestly think anyone could attend this school. We have a dry campus, which means that alcohol is prohibited. However, if you're into the party scene there are off-campus parties. There's something for everyone to do at Grand Valley. As long as you don't mind the cold, snow, or taking a slightly long bus ride to Grand Rapids when necessary, then this school is good for you.


Someone who is only interested in college for partying. A close-minded individual who is not academically motivated or career-driven should not attend Grand Valley.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who's expectations of college are to party. Grand Valley is a dry campus, and partying is not a staple of the college.


People who should not attend this school include heavy partiers and people who like big city life. Our main campus is in a very rural area, many students like to hike, bike and exercise. The city is close but we do not have a lot of city life around campus.


If you are looking for a large school with nothing but large lecture halls, a place to get lost and not know anyone, or a really small school, this is not the school for you. While Grand Valley is large, and at times it can be easy to blend in, it is small enough for one to get to know others and meet some great friends.


Grand Valley State University is a school for students who have a good work ethic to accomplish their goals, have an open mind to new ideas, and are friendly to others around them. Professors at GVSU are willing to put in time to help students make sure they get the grades they want, but students at GVSU have to work hard too. Also, GVSU emphasizes a liberal education to make students more aware of what is happening in the world and see different perspectives. Lastly, students at GVSU are friendly and always willing to talk to anyone.


Perhaps people who feel stranded easily. We are far from the main city, but there is an active life on campus, it just takes patience to appreciate it.


I think that anybody can attend GVSU if they wanted to. However, it takes a lot of effort and work to acomplish all that is required of you. If you do not wish to be a liberally educated student and want to just jump right into your profession then GVSU is not for you. I think that anybody who really sets their mind to it can do whatever they choose.


I would say anyone who wants to be a part of a school that has a small atmosphere but has all the advantages of a big school should attend.


There is not a single type of person that shouldn't go to this school. Grand Valley strives to be diverse and offers help to those students who may need extra help to get through the academic studies.


Any person who wants to learn a lot. Here we are taught a lot of diverse things. You have to be open-minded to the liberal education to get the most out of what you are paying for.


Lazy, racist, unmotivated


This school is good for you if you wish to get a quality education for a some what inexpensive price. Its also good for you if you want to get the university experience at a low price. Some programs are far more competitive than others, however, so it can be a bit difficult if your major is in a fairly competition based field.


I don't know the answer to this question... People who hate school and have money from their parents to live off of forever???


Lazy or unmotivated people. Classes are challenging and you will fail if you are not willing to put in time and effort.


A person who wants a research university with big classes in the middle of a big city.


Anyone who is not goal oriented should not attend Grand Valley. Otherwise, Grand Valley is a great school for anyone.




I dont think Grand Valley is a place for someone who wants to go to college nearly for the social scene. Although Grand Valley offers numerous social opportunities, its students are more conservative than many colleges and prefer to participate in campus sponsored events and acedemic betterment.


This school is perfect for all types of people. There is something for everyone.


People who attend Grand Valley are goal orientated, driven, and open-minded. I think if you aren't any of these, you wouldn't do well here.


If you need more one on one attention from advisors and professors dont attend.


A person who only wants to drink and party should not come to the school.


A person who is goal oriented and ready to receive a good education.


Someone not willing to put in time to study or not especially fond of learning should NOT attend this school. The workload is sometimes very demanding and much time should be devoted to school and school-related subjects and activities.


People who like large classes and an oversized campus. Grand Valley has a large yet small community. Class are concentrated with about 30-40 and lecture halls are minimal. It's a close knit feel, so if you don't want to be close with your professors and faculty, this isn't your place.


Grand Valley State University strives at enrolling a diverse group of students from a variety of backgrounds. Students of all color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, financial status and ability are encouraged to enroll in this four year, nationally accredited university. Grand Valley has established over two hundred and fifty clubs, sports, and groups for students to meet others and create lasting friendships. All students are also required to attend orientation events that assist in meeting new students and answering any questions. Overall, Grand Valley State University is willing to work with any student no matter what their needs are.


Those who want to hermit and not enjoy the aspects of this college.


A Person who wants a piece of paper at the end of four years that will raise their paychecks but will have taught them nothing. Someone who wants stay inside a room and play videogames by themselves. A person who does not want to enhance their societal and cultural awareness should not attend Grand Valley. A person lacking the wisdom to listen well to new perspectives, and a failure to communicate logical thinking should persue other colleges.


people who want to party all the time


One who doesn't like all kinds of weather happening. Yesterday it was Sunny and windy, today it is snowing/raining like crazy. It'll probably melt tomorrow. One who wants to major in liberal arts, and wants to find a job before they graduate.


anyone not motivated to do work that a class requires


someone who doesnt want to really learn , who just wants to party


Everybody should attend this school! The people who are students here are very diverse and outgoing. It is very hard not to fit in here.


Someone who likes giant size schools. This school is also not good for people who want to live in a town that is filled with endless amounts of things to do. You can find things to do here but you have to drive a ways to get to them.


People who are very motivated should try to find a school with more rigerous academic requirements. GVSU is a good school, but it is still trying to build its reputation. Also, the school lacks much diversity, so students seeking diverse environments might want to consider a larger university located in a more diverse area of the state or country.


A student who doesn't have the will to work towards a goal and general scholarship. The school is a rising insitution and demands that students be engaged with their studies and not be passive.


Someone who is extremely introverted and doesn't think outside the box. Someone who is not willing to put forth the work to get the grades. Someone who thinks college is just a place to party. All these people will most likely flunk out.


Anyone who is blind (I know that sounds mean, but the school does not cater to the blind students very well) or hates the snow/winter.


Grand Valley is a great school to go to for people that are easily distracted or love natures beauty. If a student wants a more intimate learning set up GVSU is a great choice. Since the classes are smaller professors know their students by name and can spend time giving more one on one time to the students in their classes. There are many types of entertainment so it's not hard at all to find something to do. As Far as extra cirricular activities there is a large variety of clubs and social groups to join.