Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Grand Valley State University know before they start?


If I could go back in time I would not go back to senior year. I would go back to freshman year because going back to senior year would be a waste of time travel. If I wanted to make a difference in my future I would tell myself that I need to actually try to get better grades. In high school I attained all A's and B's but I did not have the motivation to try to only have A's. If I had gotten better grades I would have more of a chance to get scholarship money to go towards my school. The more scholarships that I have means that I need to work less to pay for my schooling.


The best advice I could give my high school self, is that the key to college is time management. There is going to be a lot going on around campus, and you will have a new sense of freedom, but the primary focus should be on academics. Although college is all about experiencing new things and self discovery, there is a time and place for this to happen. One of my favorite sayings is that there is break like a break earned. Knowing that your academic obligations are taken care of, makes eveything else more enjoyable. Take care of business and the fun will take care of itself.


Dear Lindsay, Stop taking life so seriously! The IB dipolma program will help prepare you for college, but the individual assignments wont matter anymore. French? Don't worry about it! So what if languages aren't your thing? You have many other skills! You are a great student and a great writer, continue to build upon those and just get do get through the other stuff. School is a great distraction when things aren't going well at home, but there are other good distractions too, so dont get so stuck on one thing. Spend more time with friends and doing things you love because you are waaaaaay too stressed out. I know you are shy, but dont be afraid to talk to people. You will be so much happier when you have people in your life who can support you when you ares struggling Things are tough right now, but college will be better, you are almost there! You got this girl! Love, Lindsay


I would enroll in college level math and english classes while in high school so I could focus on the classes I need now in order to get my degree and possibly take fewer classes each semester to help keep my GPA up and be able to work more hours.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to spend more time with my family. In college they're the people you miss the most. I wish I would have realized that it's cool to hang out with them, even if your friends don't think that it is.


College is serious. This is the start of your independent life. You have to make good choices. Mistakes have consequences. You don't need to have to deal with consequences. You have to use your time doing important things. First, you need to worry about school. Then you need to worry about work. Everyhting costs money, and you are going to need it. Then work on getting involved. You need to build a variety of different relationships. You need to make connections. You need to discover what you want to do as a career, what you want to do with your life. Don't be shy, don't be anxious. You can do this, you need to do this. Lastly, breath. If you do the best you can, everything will be great. You are intelligent. You are capable.


You need to prepare! Take those extra hours at work! Find another job and begin saving before it's too late! You don't want to end up without money for school. It's very stressful when you do not have money for school or your future. Plan. Plan. Plan.


Since I could remember, I always had my life planned out for myself. I knew what career I wanted to pursue by age eight. I knew what I wanted to go to college for and what I was going to do with myself once I graduated. I never had to worry about my future because I planned it all. I came into college confident in myself and my educational goals, yet that quickly changed after my first two months of college. I began to question the path I was taking. Am I satisfied with want I want to do and who I want to be? College is filled with various programs, organizations, and opportunities, and I began to overwhelm myself. I told myself to forget the future and create moments here at school. If I were to go back and time to my high school senior self, I would say to forget the future and enjoy the ride. Take new paths and explore different interests. College is about finding yourself and it is okay if your plans change. College is not just about making the grades, but making the moments


Megan, This will be a lot harder then you thought. I know those words sound scary, but they are true and we need to accept it. This isn't the kind of hard that we've been facing. This isn't about hospitals, doctors or health. This is about studying and retaining knowledge. This is the stuff that we've missed the past two years, so it's going to be difficult. I wouldn't ask you to change anything you're doing at this moment, all I would want to say is to be prepared and when college comes around. The first week, pay attention to the classes. Pay less attention to the new faces you're meeting, the stories and backgrounds you're taking in. Listen to the professors, learn how to take a college test because we haven't been taking high school tests in a while. Things will work out, enjoy your senior year. Regards, yourself.


Live in the moment. This single phrase is what I would tell my senior self over and over again. I would scream in my face, "SLOW DOWN." There is nothing I wanted more than to get out of high school. I hated it, boy did i hate it. I funny thing happened to me the other day, I felt a longing for high school and simpler times. In college, you either do or you don't. No one will come looking for you. What you do and how far you succeed is all on your shoulders. Ultimately, you and only you can make the choice to succeed.