Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It's pretty boring here if you aren't 21...and if you don't find a core group of friends to stick with


I didn't realize how home sick I would be. Although I'm only two hours away from home it seems so much further when you are homesick.


Lack of financial support for the kids who's parents can't write the check but make to much to get financial aid.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the police treat the students like criminals. Once a sudent steps foot onto the campus the police officers will look for something they can ticket them for. It doesn't matter if you're an honor student or barely passing, the Grand Valley Police Department will find a way to ticket you.


The most frustrating thing about Grand Valley is that you feel isolated being a freshman on campus because there is not anything around the area unless you drive 30 minutes into Grand Rapids.


The most frustrating thing about GVSU is the amount of space; housing wise. There is enough, but there could be more...


Classes in my program are scheduled poorly so they overlap, making it difficult to get into all the classes you need in order to graduate.


The large workload in engineering


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I have to take some classes that I care nothing about. Another thing that frustrates me is the cost of school and trying to pay for school to further advance my life and make it easier to get a good job after I graduate.


The most frusterating thing about GVSU in my opinion is the walking from building to building in the cold weather.


The only real frustrating thing is a blessing and a curse really. The main campus is located in a rather small town which means that the university is the main part and almost the only part of the town. They also have a campus in the closeby city but the classes there are very limited. They provide buses between the campuses free of charge, however. So it is nice to have your classes in a more remote area (less distractions) but the drive is a pain sometimes.


I am frustrated with the scheduling process for classes. I have not been able to sign up for the classes that I need to take in a orderly and timely fashion. The classes are all full by the time that I have been allowed to schedule for the next year.


Our library is old, while it is very helpful and contains a wealth of information and documentation, I do not enjoy going there because it is unappealing to me. I can reach most documents through the website, so it is not an issue usually, but I enjoy the idea of a library to study in, the quietness, studious atmoshpere etc.


For me and a lot of people I know, scheduling our classes was slightly difficuly. Grand Valley emphasized that they were very good at helping students decide on a major and choose thier classes, yet I did not recieve much help. I went to one of the cousiling deptatments and they said they could not help me and did not give me guidance to where to go. However, the system is easy enough to figure out by ones self and I must say that being a dual major makes things harder to do. than someone with only one major.


Getting a schedule that works best for you, themes that get in the way of your major, finding the perfect major for you.


Projects at the end of the semester and lack of diversity.


I'm older so it's hard to relate to all these teeny-boppers. They think they can get a bachelor's degree and jump into an $80000/year job. They also are way to peppy.


You really need to be on top of previous courses in order to do well in harder classes later. Everything builds on top of each other, it is very progressive.


The most frustrating thing about Grand Valley is the lack of financial aid that it is able to provide. Although, I do believe that the lack of financial aid is due to the depleting economy in Michigan.


It is very frustrating when the bus is full and you're trying to get to class downtown on time. Also not all of the proffessors are wonderfully nice to you.


The difficulty in dealing with the College of Education.


The most frsutrating thing about this school is knowing excatly what you need to do to require as each year things change.


The research facilities are woefully lacking: sports and fitness are far better funded.


It was hard to get adjusted to GVSU, but if you stick with it, you will learn Grand Valley is an awesome school with a lot to offer. I am so glad I stuck with it at Grand Valley and learned a lot about myself in doing so!


The most frustrating things about my school is getting a student loan for my classes. Becasue of the economy, the choices have gone down and I am having a hard time fidning a long for my last semester.


There are some classes you can't get credit for.


The theme courses needed to take to graduate.


I have had some poor professors, and I do not feel that the end of term evaluations are put into use enough, or that there are consequences to professors who are not doing their job well.


They catered to student that did not work and where student only and did not recognize that some students have to work a full time job in addition to going to school.


The most fustrating thing about my school is the cost of tuition is going up to fast.


There's not many things frustrating, sometimes things can be boring being in such a small town and not having a lot of money to do things.


The number one frustration at GVSU is the winter weather and the 15minute drive to anything around. The winters here are very windy and cold from lake effect snow it makes walking to and from class difficult. In order to go grocery shopping it takes a 20 minute drive to find a store, if you want to go to the movies it is even longer.


There isn't much that goes on on the weekends. It's somewhat boring.


The most frustrating thing out here is balancing the work load with your free time- the same as anyother school.... This place is good, but they're not just going to give you a degree because someone payed them; you have to work for it.


There are not very many off-campus activities to do so I'm am always stuck on-campus. I need a change of scenery sometimes that doesn't involve school related things.


They tend to be very conservative and close-minded. It isn't a place to get the real "college experience" that you hear about.


walking through all the snow in the winter


Professors sometimes change class buildings. If the new building is further from a student's next class than the old one, he or she may not have enough time to make it.


The academic advisors at Grand Valley do not hold up a good reputation for being particularly helpful to new students; when seeing my advisor for help in scheduling my classes, she acted very inconvenienced.


Weekend bus services




Sometimes the academic advising isn't all there. I had a problem finding an advisor that really helped me out and it took a couple years, but now that I found her, I'm all set.