Grand Valley State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I know it's cliche, but that college is where you truly find yourself. My first year, I made some of the best friends I've ever had. These are people that will see you every day, so do they care if you literally crawled out of bed before seeing them? No. These are people who will see you panic after you miss your first 8 am class, people who will see you sob after you fail your first test, people who will stay up with you while you study for a big calculus final, people who will order pizza with you at 2 am simply because they don't feel like sleeping yet. And these people really help you find yourself. They will help you open up and become whoever it is that you are deep down, whether it's some science nerd who is fascinated by every intricate thing in life, or that guy who just really loves reading, or that girl who is super studious but enjoys going out to parties every once in awhile. They will convince you to try new things, they will help you through every hardship, and they will make you a better person. It might feel like you're in a rut in high school, or heck, that high school were the best four years of your life and no one can compare to the friends you made there. But I think the piece of advice I have for every college freshman is this: Be open to new friends. Leave your door open. Make your floor cookies. Stay up with a new friend til 2 am, because you can always sleep in on the weekends and staying up with someone really helps you get to know them. These are the people you will spend four years with, and probably beyond. They will help you grow and they will help you to become your best self. But it all starts with you: You must be willing to make new, lifelong friends.


How friendly and willing to help professors and other students are. They are willing to help you figure out what you need in order to get your degree. You must be willing to go to the counselor in order to get this help!


Before I came to this school, I wish I knew that the judge for their county was very harsh. I wish I knew the trouble I could get in for breaking the law. I wish I knew how quiet the campus and the people were.


I wish that I had applied for way more scholarships and started saving for college earlier.


I wish I would have known that the snow could reach up to my hips on a good, snowy day. The lake-effect weather is heavy-handed.


After three and half semesters at Grand Valley State University, I wish I would have known about the amount of general education classes I would have needed to take. Since GVSU is a liberal arts-based university, its belief is to have students exposed to all educational disciplines, which means an extra 10 classes (3-5 credits for each class) for all students to take. With this knowledge, I would have been a little more prepared on the amount of classes I needed to take in order to stay on track for a successful journey to graduation.


Before attending Grand Valley, I wish someone would have told me how difficult it would be to stay true to my faith. Knowing that it is a liberal university, I knew there would be some amount of difficulty finding fellow Christians, but I was not aware that at times Grand Valley can make outcasts out of believers. Had I known before hand, I would have made a more concerted effort from the onset to find organizations and activities to join in order to find the fellowship I would later long for. Thank the Lord I finally found a group!


I wish I had known that coming in as an upper classmen I have to pay more for housing and tuition.


I wish I had joined more groups/organizations at the start of the school year and really plugged into those.


The first time I attended Grand Valley State University I was afraid of failure and not fitting in like many incoming students. I entered a program I knew I was capable of doing and what many people had suggested. I didn't take many chances, I took classes that would be the easiest for me and didn't participate in extracurriculars. After being out of school for a few years I realize that I should have taken the opportunity to challege myself more and that sometimes you learn just as much or more from failure then from success.


Had I known that GV was so lacking in social activities, I my have reconsidered coming here. That being said, I don't regret choosing GV because I have met some great people and have had awesome prefessors that I couldn't have gotten elsewhere. I would also advise people not to go into the Honors College like I did. It's a lot more work and you don't get anything extra out of it. It just brings your GPA down.


I chose this school, there was nothing that I wished I had known prior.


How many loans I would need to take out and how little financial aid I would get regardless of how good my grades are.


The atmosphere is a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities. GVSU is a wonderful university to attend if you want a serious focus on academics while being able to enjoy yourself during your free time. Things are set up perfectly for you to find your own niche within the student body. Whether your interests lie in academic, athletics, or extracurriculars Grand Valley will be perfect for you. If you decide to attend GVSU, you won't regret your decision!


Before I Decided to go to Grand Valley State University I wish I would of known how boring it was going to be. Every weekend students leave the campus to go to Central Michigan University or Western Michigan or M.S.U. This is because the cops around hear are ridiculously nosey not allowing you to do anything


I wish I had known that certain loans only cover so much and that it ends up costing a lot!


How much different it was than the first college i attened for a year


There is nothing that comes to mind. I new it would take more than 4 years.


Before I arrived at Grand Valley, I wish I had known how to better manage my time with schoolwork. After high school, I'm so used to having a set schedule everyday, but in college, everyday is completely different. It is sometimes difficult to concentrate on studies between classes or at the end of the day.


I wish I would have been more diverse. Where I came from consisted of mostly white people and even those who weren't white were very assimilated. When I came to college, it was a huge culture shock, never being in any type of city where I would see diversity. I believe that it's very important for one to be exposed to other cultures, even in a setting where everyone seems to be the same-- it can still be taught better in school when they are unfortunately not diverse.


I wish I had known that College is an all round lifestyle. Everyone told me college was time to study and work hard and there was no time for other activities. Little did I know, that college is about balancing life, and the skills I learn from that are used throughout our lives, no matter what major I decide to do. I need time to look at my phyiscal, mentakl and social life and college was there to teach me that, which I was not expecting.


I wish that I would have done in-depth research on possible fields of study that I was pontentially interested in. One of the reasons for attending Grand Valley was because it is Liberal Arts school. This meant that I could take general education courses until I figured out exactly what I wanted to do. The truth is that for every class you take money is being spent. College is an investment, and it should be taken very seriously. If this was explained to me before attending, I would have thought more wisely about the courses I needed to take.


I wish I would have taken more AP classes in high school, to get me more prepared for college. I wish I would have known how much homework there really is and how much time homework consumes out of my day.


I wish I would have known that I would actually miss the people that went to high school with but I would also meet great individuals at college.


I wish I had known what "lake effect" is truly like.


The total out of pocket expenses , and other scholarships available.


All is good and happy with this school.


I wish that I had known that I would be attending the second toughest school in the state.


What can one wish to have known, in retrospect? I admire my university and was impressed with the ease that students are accepted in and made to feel at home. I can not think of anything that would have been good for me to know that I did not. Some of the glamour and excitement of coming to a new school is its mystery; my experience in starting at Grand Valley was appropriately stimulating.


I wish I knew that the campus dies down on the weekends.


That it was cheaper to live off campus.


Nothing that I can think of.


I wish I had different roommates while attending school here. My previous roommates enjoyed partying too much and did not take advantage of the many other activities going on with the school and in the surrounding area.


I wish I would have known that is was such a great school and it would have made my decision easier. I love everything about Grand Valley.


It's windy!! The food has it's good and bad days, all around pretty good. Lot's of clubs a student organizations, join one; they're really fun and get you involved. Smaller than it seems, may be too small for some. Campus can get boring at times, but theres stuff to do in town. Honestly is in the middle of nowhere! Farms! Easier to make friends than you think (especially if you join a club). There are some great classes offered that you would never have thought would be fun. Lot's of opportunities for socializing! Fun!


There were not a lot of on campus jobs available.


I wish I would have know how important it is to get involved in extracurricular activities, other than sports. I would have joined the clubs I am in now a lot sooner!




I wish I had known that my school was in somewhat of a rural setting, but once you go a few miles out your in the city so it's really not a big deal.


~ I wish that I was more aware of the classes that I needed to take and the order in which I needed to take them in.


I wish I knew more about the gen ed courses I would/would not be required to take.


Theme classes that students have to take


How many general education classes there are because Grand Valley is a Liberal Arts schoo.


I wish I had more information about how to get scholarships after freshman year. I feel that I could have qualified for some, but I did not really know the steps to take.


How focused they were on writing and the amount of papers I would have to write in comparison to the amount of time I would spend doing hands on activities or learning information that I would actually use in my career. How much it would "really" cost to go to this school.


That it was so windy out here. I wish I knew it'd have been better to live on campus from the start, not commute. It is much easier to meet people and study and use the facilities if you live right on campus.


I wish I'd known it would be difficult to learn to live in a dorm with somebody else.


I wish I knew more about different programs to get into such as the Honors program for women with science and math majors.


When I was a freshman I never understood that you control your destiny at college. How ever much you want to be involved is up to you. If you want to be the party animal or the classroom stud you can be. At GVSU we have a campus that will allow you to get help whne you need it but you must not be to pridefull and ask for help.


I am glad I came in with only the knowledge I had; for as many complaints I have about the school and its largely unpleasant student body, I would not want anything to turn me off of attending school here because of all the fantastic colleagues and professers I have been able to share my time with within the department of music.