Grand View University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food. It is either undercooked, over cooked, or old. Any way you put it, the food is bad.


I think the worst thing about Grand View would be the meal plans, and quite honestly they are not even that bad. There's only certain time periods you can eat and have to wait so long to eat again, and they will not allow you to use your meal plan for guests. Also for the point system, none of the points tranfer over from semester to semester. Overall I am satisied with this school though.


The bureaucracy can get frustrating. There's not a lot of communication between the different departments and the school is very secretive about what they're doing with some of our money. A lot of the problems we've had this year could've been avoided or lessened if the people in charge would talk to each other. Plus, any good investor wants to know what's being done with his or her money: it's simply good business sense.