Grand View University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


One should not attend this school if they are looking for a large campus/student body, like the University of Iowa or Iowa State.


A person that doesn't want to focus on their studies or if they don't have any kind of motivation. If a person isn't willing to open up to college life and doesn't have the will to take their future into their own hands they should go to a community college and not a university like Grand View.


Someone who wants a quick degree or wants to do online classes. The Grand View atmosphere is very hands-on and we are a tight knit community. The education I am recieving at Grand View is thourough as well as preparing me for a lifetime of learning. I would not reccomend Grand View for persons who do not take their education seriously.




Someone who wants to go to a large school that has a lot of parties.


I think that a person who's not used to the city and wants nothing to do with it shouldn't probably attend this school. This school has developed a long with Des Moines and a lot of people who are from the country become very discouraged because they're not always able to walk every where. On top of that, there is some crime in this area (not much) but its kind of scary.


Some one seeking an experience that they have never had.


Someonw who like large Universities, someone who does better blending in with the crowd who likes 100+ students in a lecture hall.