Grantham University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to do a lot of research on available scholarships to help fund my education. I would tell myself to continue to go to school even when life gets tough so it will not take me so long to graduate. I would tell myself that my education is very valuable as it would keep me from missing out on job opportunites that you must have a degree in order to qualify. I would have told myself that I would be married to someone in the military so look for scholarships and grants that would normally be available to active duty spouses. I would ultimately encourage myself to never give up on my education no matter how long it takes. Even if other things in life are taken from you, no one can take your education from you.


I entered the military out of high school. I would tell myself to work on college classes earlier, and not wait until I am 50 years old to seek my degree.


From studying at Grantham University, I have gained a better understanding of how our economy and our government works. It has been valuable to attend school because I believe that it keeps my mind fresh. College allows me to strive to a better end and I am confident that by earning my degree, I will have many more opportunities afforded to me. Attending Grantham University has really made college a possibility for me. Moving around every couple of years with the military makes it hard to maintain educational goals. However, Grantham allows me to take my studies with me wherever I go.