Green Mountain College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


A bunch of hippies trying to save the world.


-- There's not a lot of diversity here. -- A student who has a lot of cultural experiences and wants to related to students with the same amount, or more, experiences may feel out of place. -- Most students wear jeans, sweatshirts/jackets, teeshirts, and hiking boots to class. -- Most of the students interact very well with eachother on a daily basis. Since the campus is so small you get to know everyone very well. -- Tables in the dining hall include: student athletes, international students, anime lovers, men's basketball team, freshman potheads, and then a random hodgepodge of people. -- Most students are from NY, NJ, MA, CT, ME, NH. VT, PA, or RI. -- Most students are from middle-upper class backgrounds. -- Students don't talk about politics much here. -- Students talk about money like it's unimportant in the bigger scheme.

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