Green Mountain College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


We have a farm! Lot's of students do farm chores (AM and PM) on a daily basis. We have livestock and fruits and veggies. The animals are really cool and people like to pet them, they also will taste delicious when we get to eat them! That being said, the dining hall is serviced not only by a lot of meat and produce that comes from the farm, but the school gets almost 20% of its food from local businesses. Now that's awesome!


The people, definitely. The professors are the highlight of the school-- they are excellent sources of knowledge and extremely helpful in addition to being just awesome people. The students are friendly, opinionated, fun, and open minded. The staff and administration are definitely there to help students, even if the students sometimes feel like they're not.


The best thing about GMC has to be the sense of community. Everyone is willing to help each other out with school work, or with advice on life. There is a great connection that circulates the campus that ties everyone together. We appreciate experiences with one another and with such a small school, friendship is plentiful.


Sitting on the back hill. It's a good spot to go when things get crazy and you need to chill.


The friendly, inclusive community, beautiful scenery and surrounding area, and wonderful, supportive faculty.

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