Greenville Technical College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


St. Petersburgh College is best known for mantaining a high graduation rate and helping those in needs financially, it really gives us a chance to mature, to learn, to gain experience. Helping Veterans who have served our country is also a must for St Petersburgh College, having been rated number one for reaching out to veterans and lending a hand. Financially speaking St Petersburgh College is an outstanding school to start and finish with an associates degree in your hand. One reason iis that it is so affordable and the schedule being so flexible for a working student.


Inexpensive classes that are small insize.


North Greenville University is best known for it academics and bringing souls to Christ. North Greenville has one of the toughest curriculums to endure. It is known for challenging its students and setting them up for the areas they want to work in. It is also known for good athletics and being one of the most recognized schools for internships and jobs.


Greenville technical College is probably best known for the biggest community college in South Carolina.