Greenville Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my college is its location. Is near the city, but it is not too crowded by people.


Greenville Tech isn't just a regular technical college. They care about your well being as well as your grades. They actually try to help you when you are starting to fail. They actually try to help you financially. Everything they do is to help you graduate college. You will never feel as if your alone. They have plenty of people you can talk to about pretty much anything. These are all the things I feel are best about my college.


The flexibility of the courses available for our prerequisites made it easy to slowly transition back to school. For the program I am in now, I find it amazing how much hands on experience we get with the actual equipment we will be using in our career, as well as the expertise of the faculty as they all are currently employed in the field in which they teach. The real world examples they give make this time around a much better experience and will prepare us for our careers much more than my liberal arts education did twenty years ago.