Grinnell College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


-Super-liberal politically -Stuck up


Grinnellians are dirty hippies who talk all the time about changing the world--and often do stuff about it too. Grinnellians are uber-liberal. Grinnellians are smart and work really, really, really hard. Between sleep, social life, and academics, Grinnellians usually give sleep the short stick. Grinnellians look out for each other, in and outside of the classroom--none of that competitive back-stabbing crap. Grinnell has a huge GLBT community. Science majors never leave the science building. Everyone's gay, vegitarian, and would vote Green if they thought the party had a chance of election. We're in the middle of an effing cornfield!


The average Grinnellian is an intelligent, highly motivated person who was probably a little weird in high school and is interested in social justice and learning more about the world. A stereotypical Grinnellian is a liberal, vegan, pot-smoking depressed weirdo who likes to complain about George Bush and conservative American values.


Grinnellians are accepting.


We are known as a gay friendly school, and as very liberal. Although there are lots of gays and lots of liberals, that is not all that Grinnell is about. There are plenty of not so extreme people to hang out with, if that's what your looking for. I was looking for a great school with the opportunity to play baseball, and that's what I found.


Socially awkward, exremely liberal, no rules, difficult courses, lots of coursework


Grinnell College is very challenging academically, Grinnell is liberal, and most students are hippies that don't shower very often.