Grossmont College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?

Anna Ruth

A person who can easily afford higher education shouldn't attend this school. While community college is a great help in aiding middle class students such as myself in easing my way into the college world, not only financially, but educationally, if you can avoid not to go through this step, it might be helpful to onto university right away. I only say that because of the consistenc that university might offer, but community college is a great preparation tool for anyone who doesn't feel up to par in their learning experience or finances.


Everyone should attend this school!


I believe the kind of person that should not attend this school, are individuals who do not apply themselves to strive for the best. There are not enough teachers, classrooms, or seats available to people who do not want to be there and learn. Too many students who want to move forward in their lives and careers are denied the opportunity; due to the people who do not take school seriously. Therefore, the people who do not try at school, should not attend this school.


In order to succeed at any community college, students must be determined and self-motivated. Though Grossmont College is a great place to explore interests and possible areas of study, students with negative attitudes and poor work ethics should not attend this school.

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