Grossmont College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to be okay when things don't go my way, and that it's okay to not know what's going to happen. You don't need to have everything planned out, because not everything is always going to go your way, but it'll all work out for your good in the long run.


The advice i would have given my high school self was to take the SAT more seriously. Also i would have told my high school self to apply for scholarships. The next piece of advice i would have given myself is to work just a litte bit harder in my AP courses to boost my GPA just a bit more.

Anna Ruth

To the perpetually scared 17 year old senior reading this letter, STOP. DO NOT BE SCARED. I wish you would understand that these things too, shall pass. I know you think you're not prepared, not ready, useless, haven't done anything and this adds to your never ending list of fears that have highly contributed to paralyzing yourself into doing anything worthwhile. Colleges will accept you. Five of them. You will live in California. That was your dream. Finances. You're scared. How, why, when, who? Community college. That's how. Use it as a guide. Don't complain. It will help you tremendously. You will look back and thank those high school-like professors. Friends. You will be betrayed. But at least now you know, don't let your guard down so easy. Abroad. You will get to travel. It won't end like the way you wanted it to. But you will get to go. Another dream accomplished. University. You will get accepted. You will start anew. Graduation. I know you will. Just as you'll graduate in May, you will again, though maybe a year later than your class. So, SMILE. Be calm. Be grateful. Breathe.


To have been fearless- that is the adivse I would give myself. After graduating high school, I had a great amount of pressure to know where to pursue my higher education. Truthfully, I was afraid to let it be known I was struggling to answer that question. I decided to postpone a four year university, and instead enrolled at Grossmont Community College. I recall being in class the first day, praying I had made the right decision. Unbeknownst to me, the best adventure of my life was ahead. At Grossmont College, I have created an identity and a purpose. I have been blessed with opportunities that have matched my life aspirations with career goals. The bonds and connections I have formed with professors and classmates, are ones I am certain will remain a lifetime. Forever I am grateful to God for all the blessings in disguse he has sent, as well as the mistakes I commited that strengthed my character and wisdom. In this moment of my life I am confident to enter a four year university with poise, as a confident young woman, who is ambitious to be known- I am fearless.


Take things step by step. You may not be able to have your plan A ready, not even your plan B. But just be sure that you take things step by step and keep an open mind to opportunities that may not present itself just yet. Remember where you are and how you got there. It wasn't your plan A nor B, but something you found out that could be helpful and you took a shot at it. Just go along with what happens. You'll figure it out later in the future.


John Steinbeck once said that “No one wants advice - only corroboration” and my younger self was the prime example of that phrase. If you didn’t agree with me then you had nothing I worth listening to. Or at least that was my opinion in those days. Like most youth, I was more interested in instant gratification and why did I need to go to college if I could make $800 every two weeks in fast food? This is where my advice to myself would begin. I would suggest researching more into the cost of living and what that paycheck of $800 will get you as you grow older and begin a family. You will be shocked to find that it will leave you below the poverty line and struggling to keep from drowning in debt. Today I would give myself the advice to stay in school, take your education very serious and strive to be the best that you can be. The hard work and commitment will pay off in your future and yes, sometimes older generations do know what they are talking about.


Going back to my high school self, I would tell her to first take a deep breath. Although it is a scary and new time it is also a new adventure. It is okay not to know what you want to do. This is the time to figure yourself out. The biggest point I would emphasize is to get the resources you need and not to feel embarrassed about it, which then will help being more productive in classes. Also I would have told myself to try more activities. Be open to trying new things, whether I liked them or not would help would help me discern what truly motivates me to become a better person. However meeting new people would also be valubale to you in any career path you choose. My high school self would be much better prepared if given this information before starting at Grossmont College.


During my senior year of high school I chose a career based on what my parents would approve of instead of something that I really wanted. It took me a year and a half to wake up and chose a career that would make me happy. In order to be more productive and happy, I would tell my high school self to make decisions for my future. In the end I will be the one who has to live with this career and not my parents. Making decisions for yourself is all about becoming an adult and I think I realize this now. Some decisions can be hard, but sometimes you have to make them.


If i were able to go back, and speak to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself to be more out going, and not afraid to be myself. When i say this by no means do i mean that i was the shy girl who would sit off to the side and eat lunch by herelf. i had plenty of friends, and was on the basketbll and volleyball team. However, i always seemed t be at home on the weekends reading a book or sitting doing nothing.i rarely ever went to the football games or the dances, like all the outher students. i was a great student and was able to carry that ability with me to college, although i wish i would have been able to do more. everyone says that your senior year of high school is one you will always rememeber, however mine is not so memerable. if i would have done the things i wanted to do and had fun living the high school life i wanted, maybe things would have been different. However, from looking back to the past the only thing i can do is change for the future.


I would tell myself to stay in school and make every effort to do your best. Set goals for yourself. Stay committed to your goals. Go back and check on your goals to see if you've achieved any and set more. Set short range goals that'll help you attain your long range goal. Take advantage of your instructors by getting whatever help you can get from them now! Always ask questions, never hold back. Use your recess and after school time to keep abreast with whatever work you're behind in or just to get smarter. Find good friends that you can get involved with in your senior class activities, a club, a sport or even run for class officer. Get involved with your community by volunteering in a hospital, school, or park. Get a part time job and get used to the work force. Save money for college. Practice budgeting your money. Your friends will always be there, but you're a senior in high school once in your lifetime. Keep in touch with your spiritual side, stay focused and most of all have fun!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior I would have a lot to say. Most importantly I would tell myself that senior year is not the peak of life, although it seems that way at the moment. To be honest I spent too much time lounging around and not being productive. Everyone around me was rich and their parents paid for everything; so I thought it was okay to slack off like them. I know now that I should of got a job, saved money, and studied more. My senior year of high school I took 4 (compared to 6) high school classes and two junior college classes the first semester. The second semester I did not take college classes and I wish I would of so I could of knocked out a semester in college when I graduated. We all make "in the moment" mistakes. The only thing I can do now is encourage my little brother not to make the same mistakes and try as hard as I can EVERYDAY!


Upon seeing myself in high school with the knowledge I have now, I would tell myself to do everything the same way. I have no regrets about anything has taken place in my life including my academic performance. Plus, if I did things different the second time around, the outcome would probably be significantly different. I wouldn't want to take that chance of eliminating the good things I've come across. So, my best advise would be to just keep breathing.


Ashley, pay attnetion in your algebra II class. It will save you a lot of hard work and money later. If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer someday, you will need to take advanced math classes and the more you can test out of the quicker you will get through them. Also, please use this time to network. You never know who you could meet at school. Meet everyone you can. Talk to everyone. You are not too cool and remember that. Finally debt, credit card debt, car debt, etc, try as hard as you can to stay out of debt. Your future could depend on it. The more you owe, the more you are obliged to work and not complete school. Debt could keep you from getting the job you want. It can keep you in the wrong job for too long and can ruin your future. It's ok to stay at Mom's house if it will save you some dough. Everone else in school is, they just aren't telling you. Take care, be safe.


In a cloudy dream one restlest night, I imagine an older me walking towards me. With a bright light surrounding me, I am unsure of this illusion. With countless sleepless nights, I simply turn and continue this awkward sight. It's me. From the future. But why? Going to College in the same city one may have grown up in, is not a bad choice. You get the opportunity to stay at home, or live on campus with the knowledge that home is just a quick drive away. Which is what I did, which now thinking I would have preferred not too. If I would have lived in the on campus dorms, I feel as if my life would have taken a different path. I would have met more people and I also think I would have stayed at that school. With academic shame, I was eventually disqualified - only to return under completely different conditions. With the economy in it's recession, it has proved even more difficult as foreseen. Time will only tell. Whatever school I do decide to go to, I will not give up. Not i. Not me. Not ever.


dont take a brake if you do you will lose focus on what you going to do in college. you will get very lazzy in your college work


As i look at my life now, i would travel back in time and tell myself how important education really is. On top of that i would really explain how important it is to get homework, or work in general done because not only does it boost yourt grade inthat specific class but it paves the way for learning new things and excelling you in the future. In other words take the time to do work instead of procrastinating just to get by. I would tell myself to prepare for the unexpected both positivley and negativley, and that anything that happens in life has a purpose and will make me stronger in the end. Also no matter what happens family and friends are the most important people in your life and you need to learnt o appreicate them for what they have done for you and what they are going to do for you. Last i would tell myself to surround myself with friends who make my life positive, because no matter what you think negative friends turn into negative cituations and who you spend time with in life determines the type of person you can turn out to be.


The best advice I could give myself would be to go away to college. I think by being in a college envoirment all day, it would have helped me focus and do a lot better the first time around. I also would take advantage of all the time and flexibility I had. Now going back to school with two small kids at home is a lot harder but it will definitly be worth it in the end. Now I can be a positive example to my kids that you can always finish what you start.


The first thing I would tell my high school self, is to be prepared and to get as much information as I can. When I was a senior, I had no idea where to start when it came to getting ready for college. I barely had time to research before graduation came up. I would also tell myself to really take some time to think about what careers interest me. I didn't take a lot of time to think about my major, and, though it was the right choice for me, I was nervous that I had made the wrong decision for a while. You should feel completely confident in your choice of major. Last but not least, I would tell my self to fully experience college in all it's glory, and i'm not just talking about the parties and the social events. I was so fascinated by how different learning in college was compared to high school. You learn so much more in a much less censored and more realistic setting. You can really apply your knowledge to real-life situations. Putting forth the utmost effort is so much more rewarding that you would expect.


"Keep doing what you are doing. You are already involved in several campus clubs, teams, and activities. Your grades are on top, but your social life may be affecting what you want to achieve. Understand that friendships are not necessarily based on how much time you spend together, but how much mutual understanding there is between you and them. With that said, do not sacrifice your goals and aspirations for a one-time deal of fun. You will grow older and realize that your reputation is no longer a field of play, rather your character. It is important to know who you were to understand who you are. From there you will be able to see who you will become. Stay hungry for knowledge, but stay humble."


Never give up or lose faith in yourself to succeed. I know how difficult it can get to find time to study or pay for college books. As a high school senior, I was also a young mother and I often thought it would be easier to give up on school. I would tell myself to keep looking forward, do not procrastinate and to take time for myself, friends and family. School is more enjoyable when you are not overworked and stressed with homework, projects and tests.


You know I actually ask myself that question all the time since whatever answer I come up with is what I tell my 5 children. I would tell myself that even though everybody in my life made me feel like I was stupid and wasn't "college material" that I should have bigger expectations of myself. That I should have at least given college a try and risked failing or not completing, rather than avoiding it all together. College is not just about learning more stuff from books. It is about learning who you are, and it is amazing the things you don't know about yourself. The "normal college" age 18-21 is so important for one to experience, and I as a 29 yr old divorcee mom am just entering that "developmental" stage. I am growing as an adult in ways I should have back then. And in reality I would have if I had convinced myself I could be something more, and encouraged myself to take that step towards a different kind of growth.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the sky is the limit and to never give up. I would tell myself that there is a solution to every situation; you just have to go out in the world and find it. I would tell myself to continue talking to more people, such as my teachers, counselors, and high school staff until I was certain I had my questions completely answered. Last, but not least, I would tell myself to grow up into a young woman that instant. To start handling my responsibilites as a sister and student as a mature young adult. Also, to open my eyes and mind to realize that from this point on, I am on my own and no one holds my future but myself. That I am responsible from this point on for what career I will obtain in the future.


If I could talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would have told myself: "Self, listen to me and please listen good. I will tell you right now that these years are more important than you can really imagine. Every decision you make right now, every step you take will shape the rest of your entire life! Of course it is hard to really decide at this moment what you want to be when you grow up , but pay attention to that voice that you can't ignore . The passion for art or human kindness or medical reasearch or animals, or whatever it may be. Do not give up on your dreams - even if you are told that there is no money in that or that you cannnot do it. Hold on to your morals and values and self-respect at all costs. Noone can take that from you, ever. And DO NOT take a break after High school and tell yourself that you will start College after a year or so. Just go and embrace your future. The world needs people like you! "


If I were able to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself multiple things. One of these things would be to take as many Advanced Placement classes in high school as possible. Having these classes done and getting the credit for them makes college a lot easier because you have a few classes out of the way, you won't have to worry about it, and it is much cheaper. I would also tell myself to not worry about all the other students who continue to brag about the large universities they are going to. With so many of my high school peers attending big name schools, I felt like a failure because I decided to attend a community college even though I was accepted into the schools I applied to. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to feel bad about my decision. Now I realize that in four years, my degree is going to say a university's name on it just like many of my high school peers', however i will have thousands of dollars still in my bank account.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stop worrying. To stop obsessing. To stop stressing over which program at which school might ensure a successful life. There are countless possible pathways to happiness. Success can be reached anywhere. What matters is not where you go to school, but how you go to school. If I could transport back to Helix High School circa 2006 and look my chubby-faced self in the eyes, I would smile and say, "You're going to be fine. Stop planning, and start living."


I'd tell myself to go to a different community college than I started out, and that distancing myself from high school is the first step to becoming an adult. I'd tell myself to take it slow... but not take it easy. I'd tell myself to believe in my abilities more, because confidence plays a huge part in achieving success. I'd tell myself that while not participating in a social weekend may seem like a huge sacrifice at the time... discovering you've failed the first class of your life, when it matters most, feels so much worse. I'd tell myself to work harder, study harder, and push myself harder. I'd tell myself to see a counselor every semester, without fail. I'd tell myself to wait until I turned eighteen to start college. College is about educating yourself, and becoming a well-rounded, contributing member of adult society. If you wait until you're of age in the eyes of the law, making educational choices for yourself is easier. Last but not least, I'd tell myself to work hard and long to earn my grades... but not to forget the importance of friends.


i would tell my self take better care of my car and just try alittle hard in school and get the collage cradit for that computer class i was taking. and be ready for end of the year and that college is fun but saty buclked down.


"Dang it, why do I have to go to a communtiy college while all my friends get to go to universities? It's not fair that my family is so poor; they will never be able to help me with college. All my friends parents are paying for there school. Oh well, get over it, help yourself by applying to all and every scholarship you can find. Also take the SAT's just in case you are awarded a scholarship and get to go to a university. I also need to start pondering about my future and what I want in life. Hmmmm what do I want to be? I don't want to go to the community college not knowing my career. I also need to set a few goals that I want to accomplish in the next few years after graduation. What school do I want to transfer to after my 2 years of communtiy college? I think I should go over to the community college and talk to a counselor and maybe they can help me with some of my questions. Remember, life is what you make of it. I WILL accomplish my goals. "


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would tell myself "Forget all your friends at this point, this is your last year to make a difference, do not settle for less and aim for the moon if you miss you land amoungst the stars, never give up on your dreams and always believe in yourself. Do not lose focus in college because thats your ticket to a sucessful life."


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