Grove City College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Almost everyone I've met is wonderful. So kind, genuine, and full of energy.


My classmates are, on the whole, engaged in the academic process wonderfully.


My classmates at Grove City are very well-rounded and generally friendly. It's easy to meet new people and make friends because everyone has similar interests and values. Grove City College students are dedicated to their studies and strive to excel academically. However, they still want to enjoy their time at college with good, clean fun activities. My classmates are also very strong in their Christian beliefs and values and emphasize the importance of Christianity in all they do. This creates a group of students who are caring, friendly, compassionate, and respectful towards everyone.


They are bright, energetic young people motivated to learn and achieve the goals they have set for themselves to one day help others whereever they are.


Classmates in general are great, very helpful, nice in general, polite, though there are always a couple of exceptions.


Hard core people who are serious about life.


Hard working, stuck in the ways their parents tell them to be and extremely conservative.


socially awkward; prude; pale; stob-like


Students who have come to college to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the world and their specific role in it as Christians called to serve in individual careers in the world.


Students are GCC are probably some of the nicest, most kind-hearted people you'll ever meet, always willing to do whatever they can to make you feel welcome and to help you achieve--I've met some of my closest and best friends here!


My classmates are smart Christians that are entirely too uptight for their own good.


Christian, friendly, fun, smart, talented.


A typical classmate, at Grove City College, is a person who is intelligent, very articulate, hard-working, and committed to a Christian worldview.


The students are hard-working and highly involved with many activities on campus, they are very talented and academically involved.


The typical 'Grover' is a slender, white, middle-class Christian. Students at Grove City were most likely raised in a traditional setting with strong morals and values. They work hard for their grades and enjoy getting involved on campus. Most students are over-committed and work diligently to balance school work and outside activities.


Friendly, smart, engaging, interactive, and competition.


My classmates are white conservative Christians from upper middle class homes.


My classmates were clean-cut, upper middle class to upper class, cut-throat, conservative, Christians who wanted to be the best of the best in literally everything.


Most of my classmates are academically focused and would rather spend the night studying than hanging out with their friends.