Grove City College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is most definitely the faculty. The professors, administration, and even career service/student life employees are all extremely genuine and love to learn about and get to know the students. The extent to which the faculty goes to see that the students at Grove City College succeed is absolutely incredible.


People are there to learn from teachers that are there to teach.


Grove City's magnificent Career Services division helps college students in their search for jobs when they graduate. Rather than waiting till the last minute to help its students, Grove City offers counseling to its students throughout their undergraduate studies. Their mission is not to just help find students find a job that will pay the bills, but to help them discover their career. They help students discover their passions and find the right career that will harmoniously channel them. Their compassion, empathy, and excellent advice on finding a calling speak well of Grove City's worldview and education philosophy.


Grove City College has a great student body, and the professors genuinely care about our education. It also has some of the best cafeteria food! The campus is beautiful and very safe. It's a great college.


Honestly, I think the best aspect of Grove City College is the comfortable, friendly atmosphere. This is mostly due to the students, staff, and faculty at the college. It is a very safe environment where one has a lot freedom. My friends are absolutely amazing. I never imagined having such wonderful friendships. Everyone is so caring, helpful, and concerned for others. We are able to have so much fun doing creative, yet perfectly safe and legal activities. I appreciate the morals and values upheld at this school. It is a great place to be.


The ability for me to learn about the Christian perspective of certain issues as well as the secular ones. I like this because it helps me to better develop my intellect.


Academics are very challenging. Most of my peers say med school is a breeze.


The best thing about Grove City is that it is one of the few private Christian colleges that has Greek Life and this allows people to become really close. It also is a great value and offers a great education for anyone looking at a private college.


The friends I've made here are the most genuine and real people I've ever met in my life. The friendships I'm forming will last my whole life. Some of my friends I'll keep consistent contact with, and others I may let drop. But even if I don't speak with them for many years, I know if I ever run into these friends later down the road, they'll be there for me whether my life is going great or really a struggle. They got my back.


The students and professors are the best things about this school. The students are generally friendly and helpful, and the professors want to get to know their students individually and do all they can to help them learn.


I love my friends and the relationships I have formed here. I know that they are friends that I will have forever. They lift me up physically, spiritually, and emotionally whenever I need something! Those friendships are critical to one of the reasons why I love my school. I also love how challenged I am academcially and how hard I have to work to get the grades that I get.


The faculty genuinely cares about the students, and the faculty-student ratio is high enough to allow professors to be available to the students.


Definitley the academic quality. I've attended other colleges (George Mason and community college) and Grove City has by far the most helpful, friendly professors who are engaging within the classroom. They are glad to meet with you outside the classroom and although their exams are difficult, they are almost always a fair representation of what was taught in class.