Guilford College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Guilford is known for being open-minded and promoting diversity. It is quirky and creative. The academics are strong- students are encouraged to push the envelope, ask questions, and think critically. It upholds Quaker values, so all decision-making processes are inclusive of the group and peace is almost always maintained.


It's liberal polital student activism,


Guilford College is best known for our Quaker values which are Community, Diversity, Equality, Excellence, Integrity, Justice and Stewardship. With this, a Guilfordian is guided by these principles. We are also very known for our civic engagement. The Bonner Scholars program promotes community learning and service because serving and giving back is a valuable thing.


Environmental stewardship, cultural understanding, and a general sense of plurality. The school subribes to a set of "core values" that are pasted on the walls and lampposts of the campus, but Guilford is hardly known for them. Though the number of students that could be described as "hipster", "hippie", or "partier" is not the majority, Guilford's stidents are nonetheless often thought of as such. The college has been loosley described as a "hippie" school.


I believe Guilford is best known for the students it produces. Students who go to and continue at Guilford learn a strong sense of community and critical thinking. Students are not quick to judge based on the words of someone else, but to weigh the arguments of all sides involved. Guilford is known for its "hippies" and its Quaker influences, such as students and teachers acknowleding one another by a first-name basis and its strive for not placing one person above another (such as its circular class-room set up).


For their Adult Learning. This is the first year that the number of adult students equal the number of traditional students. The school is also known for its intensive writing. This school is a heavily writing school.


My school is best known for being openminded and having students who enjoy a diverse education where they learn about the arts, other cultures, and the subject they're studying.


Guilford College is known best for it's community involvement and low student to professer ratio. These two attributes make the campus appear small but allows for a sense of security and the comfort of being at home all without leaving the campus.


Writing intensive!


Guilford is known for being a liberal environment in which students are encouraged to give back to the community in which they live and also be conscious of the environment. Academics are the main focus of the campus and it is easy as well as enjoyable to find a group of students with whom to create study groups. There are a plethora of departments on campus that are held in high regard in the area, which is important for us as members of the Guilford community. Core values define us and help us make a positive impact on the world.


Guilford is known for it's unique classes and tough liberal arts curriculum. There are such classes as Tai Chi and women's studies classes offered here that you can't find at many schools. The work load can be heavy and their expectations are high. They're known for academic excellence!


Guilford is known for the liberal hippies that are a bunch of hypocritical, worthless individuals.


Though Guilford has gained national and international notoriety as a school of activists (both well and ill intentioned), within the Greensboro community Guilford is known as a school whose students are active and passionate volunteers and community workers. Guilford students work and volunteer time with community groups including YWCA, teen mother mentoring programs, at risk youth mentoring, recycling and environmental education, among myriad other causes. Guilford is known as a school at which academically minded can thrive and succeed, but also as a place with numerous opportunities to unwind and enjoy being a part of the college community.


Depending on who you ask, I would say that my school is best known for either its strong sense of community among the staff and students together, or its strong program for learning differences. It seems that most schools tend to separate those with learning differences from those without, but at guilford, everyone is an equal part of the community, which adds to the already strong sense of diversity.




liberal arts


Its Quaker heritage


We are known for a few things: 1. We are a Quaker school--one of the only colleges in the U.S. affiliated with the Religious Society of Friends; however, only 8{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the population is Quaker and no pressure exists to be of any religious affiliation, 2. the Frank Family Science Center was built from the inside out (like the raising and lowering of ceilings) to accomodate each branch of Science, 3. our campus is built around the origial location of the Underground Railroad and we own historic woods that must be preserved.


hippies and weed! the classes are a really nice size and the professors are the coolest people you'll ever meet.


Guilford is probably best known for its mostly liberal views and eccentric student body.