Guilford College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I would say Guilford's best quality is it's diverse student body and Quacker values. I admire the fact that yet it is small but you can always meet someone new and learn something new about a culure. Along with the Quacker values that Guilford goes by, makes the community of the school that must stronger. Once you set foot on campus you can feel the community and you know its the place for you.


I brag about my 3.85 GPA Because even though my classes are super tough, take a lot of hours at home, studying and preparing for classes, and force me to write a LOT of papers for each class, I've managed to attain a great GPA . They are very supportive of off-campus/adult students, with lots of options for getting help if you're struggling.


How much fun the night life is and everyone is very friendly. I also really like the fact that the teachers go by first name and that they all know your name.


I tell them that the school is extremely enviornmentaly friendly and that it is accepting of all students no matter their gender, sexual preference, or religion. I also tell them that it is easy to get along with the student body and that the students here are very friendly. I haven't heard of a student having trouble finding friends or fitting in. The class rooms are small so the there is more interaction between the students and teachers. I have made friends here that will last a lifetime and wouldn't give up this experience for the world.


When bragging about Guilford College one thing comes to mind diversity. I believe that Guilford is the most diverse college in the nation. On top of being diverse Guilford offers one-on-one time with your teachers for any questions that you may have. Also the teachers are your friends they feel as if they are students themselves as you have many times to interact with them outside of the classroom. Guilford is also a small college that offers a ginuine college education thats hard for other schools to beat. This is just Guilford from a birds eye view.


There are small classes.


Going to Guilford College wasnt my first choice, but i am sure glad that I did attend this school. The things that i most brag about about Guilford is that this instituion really allows you to become more and become a leader. They dont shut down your ideas they give you as a person to achieve your goals.


The Class sizes are small, and the school is really environmentally friendly.


When I tell people about Guilford College, mostly I talk about how glad I am that I'm making good grades. Also, I talk about what I've learned and that the courses are challenging.


Mostly, that its not an easy school and that you would have to put in a lot of hard work to get back good results. Its not the place where you can throw away your work or put it off for later.


The community aspect of the College.


Diversity and great attitude of faculty and students


The interaction with professors. All of my classes are small and the professors are always available, so they know my name, what interests me, how I learn, what problems I may have, and stuff like that. The professors and students have a really close relationship. Sometimes we will all eat lunch in the dining hall together.


small class size.


Friendliness, academics, professor availability


That Guilford as a whole, is friendly, easy-going, awesome, and very helpful towards students that need help with their school work.


Its amazing, we have 60 acres of forest and a lake. the teachers are nice and understanding. I learn more in college than I have throughout my entire life so far. It is amazing.


The Quaker values, gender-blind housing, very small class sizes (sometimes only 3 people!) and very personal relationships with professors.


The schedules are brilliant and designed by the student. We are allowed to pick different sections to fit what time of the day we prefer to study in. Occasionally we even have completely free days, essentially a weekend in the middle of a work week.


A lot of people somke a lot of weed here. With 200 acres of woods to explore and 3 meadows, we spend a lot of time outside. We like to have bon fires out in the woods when the weather is nice. Mostly though when i brag to my friends I talk about the headie nuggets that can be found just about all year round.


My Japanese teacher/classes.