Guilford College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Guilford I would consider to be the divison of athletes and non-athletes. If you don't make an effort to branch out of your comfort zone and get to know different people youll be stuck. You will begin to witness the sepertion in the student body, but many students make an effort to branch out of this seperation and get to know differnt types of students.


I don't have anything bad to say about my college.


Parking is not sufficient to accommodate the commuting students.


Sometimes the relaxed atmosphere that drew me to Guilford in the first place is taken too far. While the professors are very professional and organized, the staff usually isn't. Whenever I had a question that had anything to do with school policy, dates, or forms, I would end up having to ask several people. My advisor was particularily bad at answering these sorts of questions. She almost never knew the answer I needed or where I could find it, and if she did more often than not it simply wrong.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the food. The cafeteria food is not good and the menu is not varied. I feel that the food is often put together and served sloppily, frequently resulting in undercooked meats and watery side dishes such as grits. They do offer a fairly good salad bar and the Grill serves good pizza and burgers, but you can only eat so much of the same thing day in and day out. If the school is not going to change the food service they should atleast offer different food plans.


Many students lack self motivation, which is a little discouraging at times. Without self-motivation the prospect for a bright future is limited and can lead to a minimal alumni network for the college.


The large amount of older adult continuing education students.


The cost


The worst thing about the school is that it is SO writing intensive. I enjoy writing, but sometimes it's just too time consuming to do all the writing assignments required, especially since I work full time. Also, I don't feel that all this writing is always necessary or beneficial in order to learn.


If you decide to live off campus and be a commuter (most traditional students are not, but a few are), you feel kind of isolated and it can be difficult to be a part of the community. Also the parking for commuters can be annoying. But you get used to it and you can get involved with on campus activities and community if you make the effort! Additionally, the price is the other worst thing about the school...


The cliques that persist and the divisions between athletes and non athletes.


The only thing I can think of is that the admission/enrollment process seemed confusing, but part of this could've been because I registered kind of late.


The lack of information online. A lot of the information must be discovered through meeting people and learning that way. It is inconvient sometimes, especially when there is a deadline for an application.


I feel that the cost to attend this school is too expensive. It cost over $3000 to stay in the campus apartments but there is not wireless internet in any of the dorms or apartments on campus. I feel that I money should be going to scholarships for the students who need it instead of mostly athletes who can barely keep their GPAs affloat. I was lured here because they offered me a decent amount of money but my aid has decreased a lot since I have been here.


I consider the division between those sports affiliated and the rest of the student body to be the most unfortunate thing about my school.


not working class friendly


The school is very small, making it seem much like high school. Everyone knows everyone else, making it hard to keep your personal business to yourself. I like the school, but would prefer a larger atmosphere.


The worst thing about my school, out of the very few bad qualities, is the lack of good bands that come to play in Greensboro. Most bands go to asheville or raliegh instead of greensboro, and it's inconvenient to travel that far, especially on a night before classes.


The cafeteria food and the avialability of the food is the worst thing at Guilford College. Since I was a freshman the food at Guilford was on a decline but the administration is trying fix the problem by listening to the students while trying to maintian their free trade and organic food policies.


The non athlete-athlete divide. The non-athletes are just as much if not more to blame for this due to past issues in high school. A lot of this has to due with the popularity of the geek club known as the yachting club.


The city of greensboro stinks, but thats the worst thing about the school


wonderful school, especially for those who felt they did not really "fit-in" in high school or socierty in genderal.


The weekends really can be the same scene over and over again. There is a large gap between most of the athletes and the other kids that go to school here. And it's a pretty small school, and there are some "weirdo's"