Guilford College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is when they put holds on ur account when you do not complete your balance payment and it hinders you from doing anything yet you can not afford to pay without scholarships because the school is very expensive.


Its a small school so everyone knows everybodies buisness. But its still big enough where you don't know everybody.


The most frustrating thing about Guilford College is the cafeteria and it's lack of food choices.


The most frustrating thing about Guilford College is that ironically, there are so many opportunities to be involved in various things around campus. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to choose which activity you would like to participate in because some may overlap on meeting times. For example, because I participated on the lacrosse team, I was unable to attend the "Get Off Campus" day trips because they would overlap with practices and games. The good thing, however, is that because there are so many opportunities, you are bound to find more than one thing you like to do.


The workload/ amount of assignments


I have no frustrations at all. Guilford has met all my expectations and more.


The most frustrating thing about Guilford College is the extremely high tuition that the students have to pay! Tuition is roughly $40,000 per year, and for my parents, this means paying $80,000 per year due to the fact that my twin sister and I both attend here. This is very financially challenging for our family! I believe that Guilford College should offer more financial assistance to its students than it currently does. A quality education should be comfortably accessible to everyone, and I do not believe that Guilford College should be an exception to this rule.


The distinction between athletics social circles and non-athletics social circles.


The surrounding city.


For a Christian and Conservative, it is hard dealing with so much secularism and liberalism. It is difficult to keep one's identity when most of the school is encouraging you to conform to their ways.


Dealing with administration.


The small-mindedness of staff members when dealing with "racial" issues.


The cliquiness of the social environment - everyone seems to have a circle of five or so people with whom they spend most of their time. People outside of one's circle are difficult to approach and hard to spend time with. It is very high-schoolish. Also, the school has recently been on an athletics kick, at the expense of academics and, to my mind, the social atmosphere. There is a very distinct athlete/non-athlete divide. The bros, the conservative varsity players, never say a word to non-athletes, and vice-versa.


The most frustraiting thing about Guilford is receiving your first grades. It can be difficult to get low grades at the begining, but continue to work and you'll feel better as you improve.


The fact that the administration wants to remove the college from the list of "Colleges that Change lives" because they don't want to attract students that need their lives changed.


Guilford College was once a college that focused on Quaker values but has become a college envious of mainstream universities over the last few years. It was once a sancuary for the inner-hippie but has created a very fine divide between the liberal hippie and the new athlete but boosting funds in the athletic department. Their is a very definite clash of values.