Hamilton College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.




Hamilton students are friendly and eager to get active while also being incredibly hard working and talented.


Hamilton has a reputation for being full of preps and jocks, but there really is no cookie cutter Hamilton student. We have preps, jocks, hipsters, hippies--the whole spectrum. Honestly, I don't think you can put most students cleanly into one category. We have a great community feel at Hamilton, and it is a terrific group of people.


The students are pretty awesome. People are friendly at Hamilton, and most will find a good friend group.If you come here, you will recognize most people after a while. You won't feel out of place unless you are anti-social, and then I'd imagine your experience would be pretty isolating. Most students are from the northeast, from wealthier families, but there is more diversity in backgrounds thanks to programs like HEOP and POSSE. I've also heard that Hamilton is one of the most conservative NESCAC schools, but we're still pretty liberal.


The Hamilton campus fosters a true sense of community in which literally every single person will be open and accepting in every aspect of college.


campus isn't all that diverse, mostly white. a lot of the students who go here are legacy and many attended boarding school. many are from the new england area and several from ny pennsylvania and new jersey despite the lack of diversity, almost everyone gets along with each other. there aren't specific groups that avoid/ignore others, and students are very tolerant of different views and lifestyles.


In class my classmates are usually energetic and engaged, but, unlike myself, on the weekend all they do is drink.


Hamilton is a pretty diverse place, especially in ways that don't necessarily show up on the traditional diversity measurements. There's groups for every perspective that you can imagine on campus, and a place where pretty much everyone could feel comfortable. Even people who grew up in big cities come to feel at home here, although the transition to a more rural area can be something of a culture shock. The diverse attitudes of the student body is reflected in what they wear and do at Hamilton - I've seen people in kilts, dresses, suits, t-shirts, and jerseys.


For a small, liberal arts college we do fairly well with diversity. From race, economic status, geographic location, and even just experiences, increasing diversity is something constantly on the forefront of the college's mind. One of my favorite things about this place is the community. People are always friendly and not very exclusive. Everyone smiles around here and takes care of each other. You always feel very safe.


I still maintain that there is no typical Hamilton student. A wide variety of students interact with one another, and while there are students who only seek out the same type of people they went to high school with, I don't think this is the norm. Political activity is high on campus, and has grown markedly over the last four years, particularly with the arrival of the 2008 election. Diversity, in contrast to some uninformed stereotypes about the College, is a reality of Hamilton. Some of the less well-represented groups have concerns about the level of attention accorded their concerns, but the College seems to have been very responsive, all things considered.


25% are people who take classes super seriously, 60% take them seriously, 10% take them sort of seriously, and 5% who are here only because Mommy and Daddy are paying for it and their social status says they should have a good named school on their resume.


White. Middle and Upper Class students. So people who do not fit this description we have exception.


Most students are athletic, friendly, very intelligent, partiers, and from upper-middle class families.


Hamilton is pretty accepting. The student body is not terribly diverse, which turns some people off. There are plenty of outlets for students of all backgrounds, though, so people tend to find their niche.


Most students seem to wear Hamilton sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, hats, flip flops, etc. to class. Basically anything you could find at the campus store. Very laid back in terms of fashion. Except, of course, for about 1/3 of the Student Body who attended prep schools. They are still very much into pastels for men, popped collars, Lili Pulitzer prints... in other words : preppy. I guess you could say that financially on the whole, Hamilton students are very well-off.


The dark side is for liberals, the light side is for conservatives. That's easy.


For the most part, Hamilton students are very accepting of pretty much anyone. There are definitely divisions between different circles, but I find that within those divisions there are many overlaps. Our rugby team had girls in the most selective preppy sororities, chemistry and physics nerds, girls of all races, religions, socio-economic classes and sexual orientations. For us, it just meant that our fan base was huge because everyone had such different circles outside of our team! Students are definitely politically aware, and all opinions are respected even if students disagree.


school is predominantly white and economically well off, but definite asian and black population and obviously some with less money than others. most are from the northeast- NY, NJ, CT, MA. students are very politically aware.


Personally, I can't imagine anyone feeling left out of Hamilton's community simply because I love it so much and I've enjoyed my experience there thoroughly. However, if you do not like small communities in small towns where the main events happen on campus (ie: acoustic coffee house, Greek parties, club parties) and there isn't much to do in the surrounding area, I can see how someone might feel suffocated. Also, it is very cold in the winter. Brutally cold.


Although Hamilton claims to try to be diverse, it's like any other New England college- mainly rich and white. Most "diverse" students never socialize outside their own groups, mainly because they don't relate to the rest of the campus. It's sad but it's true. However, individuality is encouraged by everyone. There's a group for everyone, and all the groups intermingle. There is really a sense of community. People always say that about their colleges, but at Hamilton it is actually true. Everyone is here to learn. And since no one lives off campus, we can do so without the responsibilities of rent or real life. Hamilton is relatively sheltered, but students aren't naive.


Although diversity is small, there is large acceptance of minority and gay students- and there are definitely groups to join dedicated to promoting them. This is not a school where people wear pajamas to class, at all. Winter is North face, Uggs, expensive jeans. Summer is J Crew sundresses- but once again, no one is a snob about it. Most of the students are from Boston, Westchester, Connecticut, or New Jersey, but I know a few people from the West and South too. Politically activity is moderate at best, and people are pretty liberal.


There is a lot of diversity on campus. There are students from all over the world with different religious, racial, and economical statuses.


We have a very diverse campus and we are very into activism. Everyone fits into at least one place in Hamilton. All different types of people interact. People of different orientations, religions, races, and ages. In the dining hall, often athletes sit together after practice, but besides that, everyone sits with everyone else. Many people tend to be from the Northeast, or New England. People come from all different types of financial backgrounds. Students are very politically aware and active. They tend to be predominantly liberal, but there are all types of students.


While there is still not a great deal of racial or religious diversity on Hamiton's campus, I have come to be familiar with a vast expanse of different cultures, politics, and ways of life. What I love here is that almost any Hamilton student can walk into the dining hall alone and within minutes find friends or someone that they known to sit down and eat with. Different social groups interact and Hamilton students typically don't fit only one mold: a varsity athlete can also be a successful math major who participates in volunteer work on campus. Students are remarkably diverse in their own interests and activities.


Hamilton is a pretty liberal atmosphere politically, though for a "liberal arts" college it's really quite conservative and traditional. Hamilton is also still a primarily white school, though they're trying to change that and (I think) doing a pretty good job of it so far. Intolerance is generally frowned upon, both by the administration and by the students--people make fun of racists more than they make racist jokes.


We are awesome. There isnt alot of clumping on campus and I think thats in large part due to the size of the school.


A passive student would feel awkward at Hamilton. On campus, everyone is involved in some extracurricular activity and is making a difference somehow. People who are idle will not do well here.


The student body is a lot more diverse than people might think, given Hamilton's profile as a highly selective, small liberal arts college. Generally, everyone seems to be accepting. I haven't run into too much problems socially, but there is definitely the drama that goes hand in hand with having such a small campus.


I think that because the school is so small there are cliques and groups and that people are differentiated in that way.


Most students were sweatpants, jeans, and t-shirts to class. It's a very casual campus, but there are a bunch of students who like to be dressy most of the time. Students are very active; if you aren't on a varsity sports team, you're probably on an IM team with your dorm floor, or a frequenter at the gym, or someone who likes to run through the Glen a few times a week. Most students are from the East coast, and it's typical for racial groups to clump together. However, I still don't feel like there is a student who could feel out of place at Hamilton. Anyone would be able to feel a connection to someone, because differing opinions are welcomed greatly, that's what makes the community so vibrant.


The student body is not diverse enough


The student body is overall friendly and welcoming any type of studnet can find there group and be happy.


Hamilton students are good looking. there are all types of kids here, i dont really know who would feel out of place, perhaps quiet people. The tables in the dining hall just have students at them, everyone mingles so theres not really a lot of cliqueiness. a lot of students are from NY, MA, NJ, CT and lots of other places. most prevalent financial background, i mean, lots of rick kids, but, about 60 percent recieve financial aid..so its varied. the politics are all over, all kinds come here. if you are willing to talk to people, you will find sincere, kind friends.


There are definitely 'cliques'. I managed to find a solid group of friends from the beginning, but we've since found our own ways and don't spend quite as much time together (a result of being seniors!) There is some diversity, some international influence, but it is a rather homogeneous campus. Students try to be active, there are plenty of organizations. I really liked the lack of a strong greek system- that was not what I wanted and this campus doesn't need it either.


Most of Hamilton's students come from the norther East coast, so the population here is mostly white. However, the administration has been trying to increase the diversity of the campus. They are making slow but steady progress. Although there are many exceptions to this, the majority of racial students stay together.


a lot of pushing for diversity but not much actual action. Lots of activities, chill people, groups and cliques as usual, mostly democratic


anyone not white, preppy, and at least middle class will feel uncomfortable. most students are democrats.


Most Hamilton students are white, pretty wealthy, and from the northeastern states. Though, there are students from all over the country, the world. I think these students bring a lot to the campus, they have different experiences in life and it shows the other students that not everyone is the same. These students have formed many differnet groups and clubs on campus to share their diversity.


Students mainly wear upscale clothing. Most Hamilton students are from the East coast and from the higher financial background. Students have a very strong sense of political awareness.


Sometimes the rich kids on campus do not realize that other people in the world aren't as fortunate as they are. If a person comes to Hamilton, they have to be ready for some ignorant people, but for the most part... Hamilton is great with really accepting, creative people.


I would say there is a place for everyone on the campus. Everyone can find their particular niche.


I associate with many politically active groups of students, so I encounter a lot of people with very strong interests and opinions. I am aware, however, that there are many apathetic students here. This is sometimes associated with our rather high population of students with high socioecomic backgroups. While Hamiton does make good efforts to create economic diversity with opportunity programs, having a lot of upper-middle class students from New England may be inevitable with Hamilton's location, cost, and liberal arts.


A student from very poor urban areas might feel out of place. The overall affluence of the student body is very real and sometimes in your face, but people in general are very accepting and open to meeting new people. Whether the students are politically/socially/environmentally/etc aware depends greatly on the student. Some kids live deeply in the bubble, others are much more street smart and aware.


Hamilton students are open minded, welcoming and accepting of others views. It is a true community of learners and thinkers. Though, students here are still able to have some fun.


The student body, at first glance, is primarily white, with a few minorities thrown into the mix. After spending more time here, I realize that we really are not very diverse. In general, the students look the same, dress the same, etc.


OK, often pretentious and overall very wealthy. If not from upper class may feel slightly out of place. Huge emphasis on frats/sororities, partying, drinking, and promiscuous sexual relations.


There are a lot of different kinds of students at Hamilton, but ethincally there is very little diversity.


Hamilton has good diversity but need to promote interaction between groups. The financial backgrounds of students are well off for the most part but there are tons of people from diverse backgrounds. Students are not as politically aware as they should be and it would be cool if activism could increase. For the most part students are center, leaning left yet there is a great balance of liberal and conservative. If there were four tables in the dining hall one would be a sports team, one a sorority/frat, one a group of students doing work for a class together, and the other just a random group of friends.


Light sider: preppy. Dark sider: artsy.


If you're white, you can surround yourself with a pretty uniform group of strait, white people because they outnumber everybody else. But if you want to have a diverse experience it is more than possible. There are people of every race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and anything else you can think of, and they are often nicer than the strait white folks.