Hamilton College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Class & Charter Day is the most loved and anticipated tradition. It's a day of partying together with your friends one last time before finals Silent Disco is also a more recent addition. Every semester, we have a silent dance party on one of the athletic fields while everyone listens to the same playlist on their iPods. It's a lot of fun!


My favorite campus tradition is Feb Fest, a week of events every February designed to distract you from the fact that it is the middle of the winter. This past year we had cheese and chocolate tastings, a big carnival, a Mr. Hamilton competition, and more! The week is always fun and there is something to look forward to every day!


It's a small liberal arts college with an emphasis on writing and public speaking. It has a very well established economics department and is known for its close community and strong alumni relations.


Writing and Speaking


There are preppy rich kids as well as liberal "artsy" students. There is a heavy drinking culture on campus, but a lot of focus on schoolwork, especially at the end of the semesters.


Academicly rigorous. Alumni involvement. No core curriculum. Frat boys drinking. Good food. Extra-curricular activities. Career center. Tutoring available for all subjects. caring staff. Well known lecture speakers. Enviromentally friendly science and social science buildings; as well as remodeling buildings with the environment in mind. Honor code. volunteer opportunities.


Research Writing and Public Speaking. For having a strong Alumni support system


It is best known for its high academic standards and its emphasis on writing.