Hamilton College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A smart person who can handle a lot of reading.


Somone who is open-minded and wants to learn, not just receive a degree. People at Hamilton engage in their education and genuinely want to learn. People are supportive of each other, and there is hardly any competition.


Outgoing, not afraid to get involved or meet people different than themselves. Self-motivated, you will have a lot of work and need to learn how to budget your time so you can still have fun.


smart and social




Someone with an open mind.


Students interested in being an active member of the community.


Well 50% of the people that should attend this school should be able to pay fifty thousand dollars a year to attend since financial aid is offered to 50% of the students. The kind of people that should attend Hamilton however should be open-minded to try new things, but stay diligent in their daily tasks. Succesful people at Hamilton are usually goal-oriented.


Someone middle or upper class, preppy or artsy, interested in a school without general class requirements. Someone who likes snow!!!


The type of person who should attend my school shouldn't be afraid to express themselves intellectually or creatively. There are different types of people who would fit in my school, but they have to tolerate the seasons. Also the kind of person who should attend is someone who likes a small campus and doesn't need to be in a Division I team.