Hamilton College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


The greatest thing about Hamilton, which made me decide to come here, is the great community feel on campus. It is a wonderful group of people, and we have a very open, inclusive student body. We have a very tight knit community here--it is a great place to spend four years.


I choose Hamilton for two reasons. One: because of the open curriculum. We don't have any required classes or freshman seminar type classes that every student has to take. This is very unique to Hamilton and awesome! I'm excited about all of my classes, and enthusiastic to learn about topics that I have picked myself. We never feel like we just have to sit through a class to cross it off some kind of required list. Two: I grew up in Clinton and around Hamilton my entire life--the strong sense of community was always something that I admired, and it definitely stuck with me when I was looking at other schools. Hamilton has a great environment whether for academics, social life, or just relaxing.


Because of how welcoming and accepting the entire community is, and because of how highly alums speak of their time here.