Hardin-Simmons University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A religious person who is strong willed to graduate and who would want to succeed in life.


Students who long to grow as an individual and want an education enlightened by faith. Hardin-Simmons is a small university where teachers care about you and your education. They will go to great lengths to see you succeed!


This school is very in tune with faith. Christians would feel very welcome here. People who do consider themselves Christians but are not very involved with the thought of faith as a constant would feel welcomed here. The atmosphere at this university is amazing. If someone is just looking for a place where they could get along with just anybody this is a place for them. Someone who is looking for small classes with more one on one opportunities with professors would find this school to be at a great benefit to them.


Someone that doesn't want to spend money. Everything that costs something, didn't require purchasing. Anyone that enjoys band is perfect. We have 360+ members of the Powerhouse of the Plains Marching Band and the national record for 72 consecutive years of division 1's. We're one giant dysfunctional family. PHS is also home to great athletes, such as Jamar Wall (Texas Tech football), Alesha Robertson (Texas Tech basketball), and Chelsea Welch (Oklahoma State). So if you're looking to spend less cash, watch a star athlete, or become a band geek, come to Plainview High.


Someone who desires a safe, moral environment with low student:teacher ratios.