Hardin-Simmons University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would go to school and concentrate more and study more. I would also focus more in every class so I can make better grades and get a better GPA.


This is a difficult question to answer because I am conflicted on how I should respond. Part of me wants to lie and compose a well-constructed, emotional, and eloquent response that tells of my regrets of the choices I made my senior year in order to better my chances of recieving a scholarship. But that would be a lie... However, I am nervous to be honest and seem arrogant. Despite my fear of sounding haughty, I have to say that I truley cannot think of any advice I would give myself. I tried hard to be humble and enter college with a healthy amount of fear, and I did. I was not as prepared as I wanted to be, but it is well with me. Sure, I wish someone gave me some advice on how to better transition, but the struggle of persevering through unexpected circumstances made me grow up. I have matured as a young man as a result of adversity, and therefore I am grateful. So maybe I would have some advice to give my former self. I would tell myself to be more grateful and appreciate my fortunate circumstance to pursue a higher education.


If I could go back in time to give myself a letter of wisdom it would read: "Hey, Hannah. Focus! That boyfriend of yours, although he may seem perfect, wont be four months from now. Let him go now...before you spend three years wrapped in his arms, only to spend your freshman year of college wishing you wouldn't have given your heart away. Stop blaming yourself and live life moment by moment. I know your heart is broken, your body bruised, and your arm scared from the pain you felt as a little girl. The abuse will stop and you will grow up to be a strong and rational young woman. God will use you to help other in ways you could only imagine. Remember: Forgive and move on. Use your voice to fight for whats right.The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Yes, I might have stolen that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, but thats what educated girls typically do. Never loose sight of who you are and stick with what you love. God is guiding you. Don’t be afraid to jump!"


First of all, don't worry! College is different, but it's not as big and scary as it seems. Don't stress about leaving your old life behind. It can be as gradual or as quick a process as you make it to be. You will have plenty of opportunites to go home and visit with old friends, but enjoy making new ones as well! Stay strong in the work ethic you already possess, and it won't fail you. One tip: don't be fooled by the fact that you are in class less often than when you were in high school. It will seem like you have endless amounts of time on your hands, but it will catch up to you if you don't take advantage of your free time to study and practice. Maximize the opportunities provided to you. Get tutoring, take career aptitude tests, utilize career services, and don't be afraid to receive counseling. Listen to the advice of others and weigh it carefully, but also know that it is you who ultimately decides your destiny. You have a thrilling journey ahead of you, so enjoy the ride!


Enjoy the moments you have in high school while you can. You can't wait to get done with high school, but you can never re-live all of the excitement and carelessness that high school has to offer. College is a major transition time, but it doens't have to be a difficult one. Most upper-classmen are friendly and can offer you advice if you need it, and don't be afraid to branch outside your comfort zone. Other freshmen are new students as well and could use a friend. Get involved with anything you enjoy. This will strengthen your bond to the school and help you make new friends. Don't put off studying, and take as many notes as you can. Cramming for a test is never advised. Look over your notes every few days, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Professors are there to help you. Keep in close contact with your parents and let them know how college life is going.


I have gained many things from my college experience. One of the things that i have gained is great friends. I have met friends through playing college volleyball and also attending classes. Some of my teammates have been the most inspiration people that i have ever met. They have shared family values with me and also have shared life lessons. The few friends that i have met in class, are considered my bestfriends. We share common accademic futures and also similar traits that are great for networking. I attended and recieved my AA from San Juaquin Delta College in Stockton california. I had two teachers that have inspired me to be a teacher. I admire both teachers because of their impacts on their students. They didn't only teach the subject matter but also was there to council their students. It is important to attend school because i believe this is the only way to be successful in this world. There is so much information in this world that can not be optained enless you attend school. I do not consider school to be a punishment, but a blessing. Not everyone is as fortunant to attend school as I am.


Without the scholarships I have received, Hardin-Simmons would have been way out of the question due to its expense. It means so much to me just to be here. I was used to the campus even before class began because of my attendance of the Super Summer church camp held here each summer, and I truly felt that I was called to attend this school. I have made at least one life-long friend just by attending my first semester. It's amazing to me at how quick two people from totally different backgrounds could become such good friends; that in itself is priceless. Also, I have really enjoyed being a player on the HSU tennis team. Tennis is my escape from all the studying. I first picked up a racquet in seventh grade, and I haven't set it down since. Playing on the varsity team at my high school made me enjoy those four years much more than I intended. Tennis plays that same role for me here at HSU. I knew I would have fun, but I had no idea I would miss the college life within just a week of Christmas break!


Hardin-Simmons is a valuable school to attend for a myriad of reasons. The people and campus life at Hardin-Simmons capture the heart as well as prepare students for the future. This university is truly one of the most exciting colleges to attend. The people at HSU are some of the most unique individuals around. Professors at HSU take the time to ensure students are obtaining the most from their education. Some instructors at this university also assist in finding part-time jobs for students. Fellow students and classmates as well as faculty are eager to make newcomers feel welcome at HSU. The atmosphere at Hardin-Simmons University provides a "back at home" comfort, but it is still large enough to have a plethora of resources as well as many student mixers and events. Personally, Hardin-Simmons University has ,in one year, transformed my life for the better. I have an improved self-esteem level, something that I had been battling. I have abundant resources for jobs and internships thanks to programs and professors at this school. My grade point has also improved since attending HSU. This university has made such a great impact on my life.


What you lack in experience to employers you make up for with the education you receive from college. Make yourself marketable and attend school.


If I could go back in time and to my senior year of high school and give myself some tips, I would prolly say lissten to your parents and study harder. Think about what your doing before your doing it. Don't just go do what ever. Think about the money your spending and who earned it. Be just a little more careful.


My senior year, I was given the privelege to attend a technical college. The advice I would of given myself was first of all set up some priorities and goals that could be used as a guideline to accomplish something beneficial to me in the future. The courses that I was going to take at this technical college could be used as a practice tool for when I was ready to fully jump right into a university setting. There were many opportunities for scholarships at my high school and the advice would be take advantage of any little help I could get. Also don't just settle for your dream school. Things dont always work out as planned and knowing the different options would help me get back on my feet should a plan fail to come out as planned.


I would definitely tell myself that it does not matter how well you do in high school (to a certain degree) because college is a whole different ball game. I also tell myself to never get discouraged.


Dear Taylor, I know you are finally 18 and cannot wait to get out of the house, but slow down! You are about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life so far, and you do not want to blink, because you may just miss everything leading up to it. I know how anxious and jittery you are about this step, but just remember that God is on your side. Best of all, He will be there to catch you when you fall, pick you up, dust you off, and help you to be better off than you were from before. I know this because next year you are about to face some storms. First will come some homesickness. Next will be a rough semester with a phyically and emotionally hurtful boy. (Daddy will have to come up there twice...) I know you don't believe me, but it will happen. My advice is to get out there and meet as many people as you can., and always be faithful to God and remember that He's your #1 fan. You will be in good hands here at HSU, so get excited! Love, Me, 2 years in the future.


Minus class ranking, ACT/SAT scores, or concurrent classes; high school grades don't matter. All the college looks for is how full your resume is, how well rounded of a person you are. Community service and awards collected are a definite plus and catch the colleges' eye. After you begin classes at your new college, study like crazy. Sure, older boys are cute, but they aren't the content on your next exam. Be careful and guard your heart around this new environment, so many people change over the course of a few months and become unrecognizable to the people they first met. Also, save your money and don't eat out. The cafeteria doesn't have the greatest food, but it's doable and you can use the money saved to buy coffe for your next study session. Make friends that won't stab you in the back and will genuinely be there, no matter what the situation. Not only become friends with the students; be sweet and make sure your professors know who you are. Class is more enjoyable because they understand you care about your future and education. Lastly, don't stress, you'll never survive.


Just because you are a straight A student in Highschool does not mean you will be in college. High school does not prepare you for college. You have to be able to work extremely hard and have a high level of dedication and determination. If you don't have a goal your reaching for, it will all seem not worth it. It can be very overwhelming but it is all worth while.


I advise those parents and students to really pray and seek where the Lord would have you to go. Make campus visits and talk to current students. They know all about being there!!! I also would say to look into financial aid. The Lord will provide if it is His will but it never hurts to look into it. I encourage the student to get plugged in and maybe even find new freshmen on facebook or myspace or something to already have started forming friendships. Apply for houseing early to make sure you get the room you want. Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!


Before picking a college, consider what career field you may want to enter. Think about whether or not you would prefer to be in a large student population setting or one where you would know most people and in return they would know you (students and staff alike). Take time to tour several campuses that you are interested in attending. Find out what financial aid is offered at different colleges and how this can benefit you. These will make your decision process go a lot smoother. After you have found the right college for you, introduce yourself to staff members and other students, learn about different activities, programs, fraternities/sororities, volunteer opportunities, etc..., that your college offers. In college you will make memories and friendships that last a lifetime so do your best, have fun, and try something new. College is an amazing time in your life.


Dont look for a college that just offers a good time, or one that has amazing things for your field of study. Look for a good balance of both. College is a huge step in life that makes you who you are, so dont miss out on making friends while hiding behind school work, but dont waste your time with friends when you should be making a foundation for your future. Find a way to connect to both sides.


Make sure your children do the extra work to find financial aid for school.


Just make sure your child really does want to be in college. And if they don't, then just let them go get a job and experience life instead of coming to school and making it miserable to everyone else. Truth is, there's no point coming to college if you don't want to be here.


Be sure to visit the campus before enrolling in classes because how you feel when you visit can make a big difference. If the school provides new student orientation always get involved.


Be proactive when selecting your college. Do not let time pass you by and fill your head with thoughts of "I wish I had applied there, or I wish I would have gone there". Do things early and take your time when making a decision. The early you get things done the less stress is involved in making a decision. Most college students have lots of options, so applying early and looking all at the whole school will make it less stressful for you and parents. Look for an involved student body that wil be able to help you when you need it the most. Make sure the University of your choice is not run strictly by Greek Clubs. You want there to be extracuricular activities, but without behing held done by a Greek Club. Find the college that is right for you not for your friends. Try not to follow friends or relationships. Your in college be your own person. If they are truly your friends, you will be friends with them throughout college and after. And just think of the great stories you can tell each other. Lasly, take chances and take oppurtunities. Your only college aged once.


support in thier dreams.


I choose Hardin-Simmons University based on the class sizes, it is a very small school and that is what I really like. My professiors know me on a more personal level, and dont just have a graduate student teaching their classes like you would find in larger schools. Another thing you need to look at is the atmosphere. HSU has a very strong religous atmosphere, and I like that, but some may not. My professors pray over us before each class period and some students find that very uncomfortable.


Realize that you are preparing for your career and future. Get over your desire to complain about everything and start working hard. It will pay off more than you could ever think.


Go visit the college, get to know people there, academic advisors, financial aid advisors, people are very helpful you just have to ask for it. Visit more than one college, compare schools. Go to an athletic event. Get involved, be open to meet new people. Your going to make friends for a lifetime, college is the place that will happen. Participate, don't be afraid. Your college experience only comes once, and it gets harder the longer your in college. Study, that is what your in college for, make your grades. But all in all, enjoy life, have fun but remember what is most important.


Look for a good environment and how the faculty interacts with the visitiors. All it took for me to know that Hardin-Simmons was the University for me was one visit. Hardin-Simmons is a great environment and everyone here is fantastic. I know that i will be taken care of and i haev no worries about something happening.


I would want anyone that is intrested about coming that they should come take a weekend tour. Find out if this is the community they want to spend here and then find conection and network that you can make friends in. I would deinitly tell the to pray about there decision.


If you want to find a place where academics are important, help is available and fun abounds, this is the place. The goals at Hardin-Simmons University are student success and entertainment. Over 90% of our student body receives financial aide, so don't let that be a burden. The professors here are brilliant and enthusiastic about their subjects, even more importantly they are always willing to help. There are extra-curricular activities for everyone, from intra-mural sports to community outreach to social clubs. This campus is home, and I am always glad to come back.


When looking at colleges, I suggest meeting as many staff and employees that you can, check out the environment around the school and the facilities, look at the classes that are offered and what the town has to offer outside of the university. Make sure that the staff is friendly and goal oriented, people who will be willing to help students anyway possible, but also be there to keep the students focused on their education. When looking at the facility, make sure that the classrooms, student life buildings, and dorm rooms are built to accomadate your specifications. Do some research on the campus life and how interactive the students are with the staff members and the community. Consider part-time job opportunities and interests that you are looking for in your college experience. Once the college is chosen, apply for financial aide and apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can, so you don't have to stress about your finances when you should be stressing about your grades!!! Then attend school, set your academic goals, met new friends and enjoy life!!


The most important thing is deciding really what the student is seeking in their college experience. It's important to understand that you are going to school to learn about what you are passionate about; but it is equally important to understand that the type of college you pick can determine the friendships you find along the way. I would tell students to keep an open mind and go experience all different types of schools before deciding on exactly what you want. If money is an issue, I would recommend going to a Junior or community college for your first two years and then transfer to a school that specializes in what you are passionate about. This would save money and could give you a more enjoyable experience. Most of all have fun looking at college.


listen to your heart and go to the best school that is right for you


Listen to both positive and negative reviews towards a school. Even if it is negative, you may agree with it .