Harding University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love how quickly classes are completed, rotating every 6 weeks. While it might seem overwhelming, it helps keep variety and stave off potential boredom from studying a subject over 16 weeks. I have just started, but love the professors and the school.


I find myself talking about the people that I attend this univesity with and the community of mission that we all share.


The best thing about Harding University is the people. I have met some incredible friends there.


The thing that I brag the most about Harding is it's atmosphere. Harding is a christian university and because of that everyone here is friendly and loving. People here actually care about you and want you to succeed, that includes the teachers, staff and your fellow students. The atmosphere is conducive for learning as well as making life long friends and that is hard to find at many schools. There are many more things that I would love to brag about but the atmosphere or environment that is created at Harding University stands out the most!


It's a private christian college and I can get a job anywhere in the the world.


It is a very prestigious Christian univeristy with a good academic program, beautiful campus, and wonderful people.


How many friends I was able to make, our school rugby and basketball teams, how great the classes and professors are, and how much I'm able to focus on my major and how many classes I'm able to take that focus on my major.


the quality of the education


Harding University is a beautiful private Christian school in Arkansas. Harding focuses on a good education in a Christian based learning environment. People who choose to go to Harding vow to respect certain rules , that protect and keep the students on campus safe. It's a lively campus, with people who are filled with love and the willingness to serve God wholeheartedly. I learn something new eveyday and grow in my relationship with God . I will go out into the world and be very successful, because of the strong foundation and education that I recieved at Harding University.


I generally don't brag about my school, but when I encourage people to come here it's because of the Bible faculty.


I love to tell people how spiritually centered and diverse my school is. Our school provides chances to spend a semester or summer in different countries so experience the world and broaden our horizons. Our bible classes are viewed as privleges to receive more insight and challenges about Chrisitanity and views from all different religions. Thus is a also a chance to further our faith in the Bible.


The people here, the people are amazing. Everyone is nice and always willing to go out of their way to help you.


You will meet great friends here and the professors really care about their students.


People are really nice here.


my friends and the fun i have with them. also, the beautiful campus :)


It's a great community and I really love the people that I've come to know as friends. You can really find friends for life.