Harding University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


It's a challenge to do all that is required, but you CAN and WILL get it done. P.S. You are going to major in Bible in Ministry, Not in Social Science.


I wish I had known about the wonderful study abroad programs long before I enrolled as a freshman. Because if I had known about these programs offered before enrolling, I probably would have been financially prepared to be able to make it happen.


I wish i would have known about all the extra thing you can do on campus such as sports and clubs and so forth.


Before coming to Harding, I wish I would have learned how to study. Throughout high school, straight A's were easy with little effort. After arriving at college, I realize that my study techniques weren't cutting it. What's ironic at Harding is that some of the worst grades are found in Bible classes. My university doesn't settle for second best. The professors push you to try your hardest, and for me personally, knowing how to study before entering college would have helped me most in the long run.


I wish that I would have known more about the job opportunities available to me. I also wish that I would have known about the internships and volunteer opportunities available to me in the area(s) surrounding my school. Knowing these things may have helped me determine my major sooner and would have allowed me more hands-on experience in whichever field I choose! This knowledge also would have allowed me to find a job quicker.


The cliches that the clubs would be. How difficult it was going to be.


I wish I had known that I was going to change my major to what it currently is because I love my major right now and I wish I was able to spread my major classes out in all 4 years instead of just the 3 I have left.


I wish I knew how hard it was to make good grades there.


I wish I had know how hard it would be to balance social life and studying.


Nothing more then I already knew.


The only thing that has held me back were my own fears and reservations. I am very introverted and mainly wish that I had learned to deal with that better before coming. I have learned to bloom wherever I'm planted, while still holding to my convictions.


I wish I had already known my major. Harding is an expensive place to go to just ponder and not know yet.


I wish I would have known more about the teachers individually so I could chose my courses more carefully


how conservative it really is


Start managing your finances early


Nothing really. Maybe that it would be a little tougher than I thought.


I wish I had known I had another choice...my parents really wanted me to come here so I felt like I had to.


I wish I had known how to truely study and learn material.


The schools reputation in the business field; because of this it may be more difficult to find myself a practical job in the field I want.


It rains a lot.