Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg Top Questions

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HACC is well known for having a diverse group of students and the five different campuses allow for flexibility and variety of classes. Professors at HACC are well aware of students who are working full and/or part time jobs off campus as well as students with families and are willing to work schedules around that.


The teachers in the education department really like what they are doing and are motivated to motivate you.


Harrisburg Area Community College is much different then all the other schools I have in consideration because the other schools are all universities adn this is my first community college.


Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)is unique because students are given the opportunity to receive an excellent education at a reasonable price. In addition, students who have graduated (high school) from one of the sponsored districts can get reduced tuition because their district will help pay for your education. Also, HACC offers evening classes for those who are working and online courses for those who prefer to learn at home. Blended courses are also availabe so that students can do some of their class work online and still have a teacher who they can interact with at the campus.


Even though it is a community college there are many things to do on campus. There are a lot of students from so many different back grounds.


HACC is a local community college that seems to make the effort to landscape beautifully that would rival four year colleges. The college is spaced out to make going from class to class easy.


Many colleges accept HACC's credits. This means, if you are trying to keep cost down, you can take your first two years there and then transfer to a four year as a junior and finish your schooling then. Also, there are many different kinds of professors. Some are professional teachers but many are from the actual work force. An example is a district attorney teaching a criminal justice course. This helps students not only learn but have some one to talk to when deciding what to do.


It is a community college. I had planned on attending a 4 year college but after doing some research on some of the schools i realized that i wasnt ready to attend a 4 year school. HACC is a good place to start if you are not ready to move on or if you are not financially able to go away.