Hartwick College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


anyone can attend this school. their is an opportunity for everyone to be comfortable and have an enjoyable learning experience.


Hartwick College is a very diverse school. If a person comes from a racist or homophobic background they will not be able to get along very well at the College if they are unwilling to set aside their differences. It is a very community based school, students are recommended to join at least one club. For people who are into theater and sports, Hartwick would be a very good choice. Although the school has a large drama and sports community there is a place for everyone. There is a place for almost everyone, even those who are a bit introverted.


Someone who is willing to work hard and put in the time needed to pass your classes. The person needs to either take good notes or be an auditory learner because many of the classes are lecture only; textbook reading material is done on your own.


some one who is into liberal arts and environmetally friendly someone who is looking for a small school in a small town someone who is looking for small class sizes


Someone who doesn't mind being near nature


Someone who is outgoing, environmentally aware and active, somewhat liberal, and interested in recieving a mixed liberal arts education preparing them not only in a specific field, but also academically assuring their intelectual well-roundedness would do well on this campus.


outgoing, down-to-earth


Someone who doesn't like crowds, and who can handle hills.


People who like to smoke a lot of pot and drink a lot then walk to bars in the freezing cold. People who want to play D1 soccer with a team of international students or water polo with a bunch of europeans as well. People who like a small town and not a city life.


At Hartwick it is very easy to lose interest and focus, especially in the winter when there is no sun. This is because Hartwick's admission standards accept a lot of students who don't really care, or belong in college yet. This isn't a problem though, if you have a lot of personal energy, self motivation, and most importantly discipline, and if you do it is very easy to shine at this school. It is a small pond, and you can be the big fish.


Someone who like a small school and professor student attention. Some who is willing to work hard for their grades and education.


people who like open learning environments in a natural surrounding.


Any person that is driven to succeed and not afraid to get out there and assert themselvs. The students who are not academically happy here at the ones looking for a free ride and who think that just sleeping through class and drinking on the weekends will get them by. If you enjoy beautiful mountains and all four seasons, Hartwick is the right place. The scenery is beautiful and the people are fantastic.


Anyone that is easy going and likes a good time while concentrating on their studies will enjoy this school.