Hartwick College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Any student ready to experience a new, rewarding opportunity.


The kind of people who shouldn't come to Hartwick are the people who don't want to become better than what they are now. This college makes you grow as a person and as an individual in society. There shouldn't be no reasons for someone not to come here.


If a person prefers a very large campus and thousands of students then Hartwick is not the place for them. But, if a person likes a great sense of community and teachers who genuinely care about his/her education, then I do recommend Hartwick to him/her. Hartwick is a place for people who really want to further their education and learn, if someone is not looking for this then they should not consider coming to Hartwick College.


I think the kind of person who shouldn't attend Hartwick College is one that has just coasted by in grade school. Hartwick College challenges people to think outside of the box for answers and is determined to bring the world into the classroom; which is Hartwick College's motto.


Education in my opinion is important for all people regardless of who you are. My only misgiving will be towards those people who are criminals.


A lazy individual that doesn't want to do work. You will do work, but you will learn a lot at the same time.


somone who is looking for big school with big town feel


I think almost everyone could be happy at Hartwick College, except those who absolutely hate exercising. The only reason why I think this is because Hartwick is built into the hills of Oneonta and there are literally hundreds of steps all around campus that are 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} unavoidable.


Someone who likes the city life should not attend Hartwick. Hartwick in nestled in Oneonta NY a rural area. with limited shopping .


A person that likes a big city and lots of activities., or someone who dislikes the outdoors.


Anyone who is not sure of their financial situation should run, run fast and run far. Also it is a very small, rainy place, so anyone who is easily depressed should try elsewhere.


Anyone who is not prepared for walking long distances to class, uphill both ways in the snow and rain should steer clear of Hartwick. Keep in mind that the student body is quite small, so the environment can get very gossipy and high-schoolish. Classes are moderately difficult. There is a lot of partying on campus. Alternative dress is not well accepted, there are mobs of ugg-boot wearing girls everywhere. Back to the weather for a moment, it really is overcast most of the year, and is usually either raining or snowing, and can get very very cold.


Conservatives, people that do not like nature, close minded people


Students who are not ready to be independent, who are not ready to make their own choices, who are not ready to hold responsibility.


Someone who enjoys a lot of shopping and being in or near the city. This is because the surrounding town doesn't have many stores or easy access to a city type of area.


Someone who wants to be in an area with lots of people. Someone who does not enjoy quiet and peaceful surrondings. If you love to shop at high end stores, Oneonta is not the place for you, trips to Walmart are the highlight of my week!!


a person who likes the cold and not a lot of population. a secluded person.


Any academically minded people


A person who just wants to blow off school work and do nothing but party. There are too many of these people and they end up just failing out and wasting the schools time.


People who don't care about their future. People who steal and party 24/7. Also, people who are extremely poor, since tuition costs over 42,000. Students who aren't engaging and don't want to make friends or have their horizons broadened.


Someone who graduated from a Highschool class larger than 250 persons. It will feel just like highschool all over again. Anybody who can't handle rapid changes in the weather.


Someone who wants to go to a large schools where professors wont know your name.


A Person who does not fully enjoy walking up a hill to get to class




A person that is used to a fast paced life should not attend this school.