Harvey Mudd College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school is the people. The students body is generally pretty close and everyone supports each other to succeed. The teachers too are amazing at what they do and clearly love to teach, for the most part.


The honor code! We are expected to know right from wrong. So we can take final exams in our dorm rooms, and the professors know we won't cheat. We can trust our classmates not to steal from us or sabotage us. This creates an extremely strong community built on trust. Because they trust us, professors allow sick students to take tests later, when they are feeling better. Because we trust each other, we collaborate instead of competing.


The honor code. We have 24/7 access to all academic facilities and have take home timed tests.


The best thing (aside from academics) is the strong sense of community. Students work together, rather than attempt to sabotage each other. There's no grade inflation, so the grade one student recieves is completely dependent on his/her own work, and not that of classmates. Also, the community accepts absolutely everyone, and it's ok to do crazy things.


"The Roomba Create acting as Mario! The flag says HMC, which stands for Harvey Mudd College."