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Haskell Indian Nations University

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The best thing about Haskell is the campus and student life. It is comforting knowing that everyone on campus is like you and shares a lot of the same background and struggles as you did growing up. It is home away from home. The people here are certainly one of a kind, and offer a lot of insight on helping our indigenous people out. The way Haskell is prioritized, the success of its students are at the heart of her actions. However, the last month, students have been outraged by the football program's cut from athletics. Another complaint is that our school is not recognized the way it should be and take Haskell as a joke. Our teaching program is nationally accredited, and we underwent a major Higher Learning Commission visit this past April that put our school and education programs back on track. Overall, Haskell is one of a kind and suffers its flaws, but with intent of fixing them.

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